RWBY: Combat Ready Developer Interview

Published: October 16, 2017 11:00 AM /



For those who aren’t familiar with Rooster Teeth’s popular show RWBY, it’s basically about teenaged kids fighting terrifying fairy tale-esque monsters and oh yeah, the human antagonists who are bent on seemingly creating the apocalypse. Throw in a hefty dose of bright colors, dogs that fit in cardboard mail tubes (and are mailed in said tubes) and epic fight sequences and you’ve got RWBY!

Rooster Teeth has already released several video games, including RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, not to mention a card game for their show Million Dollars But… However, in a first for the company, the team behind RWBY recently announced their plans to fund a board game on Kickstarter entitled RWBY: Combat Ready. Already funded and now hitting stretch goals, Combat Ready looks to be an interesting, inside-look into the RWBY world of Remnant in a whole different way. It also aims to appeal to both fans of the show as well as members of the tabletop and gaming community.

During my recent trip to New York Comic Con, I had the chance to stop and chat with Miles Luna, writer and co-director of the show, and producer and head of Rooster Teeth animation Gray G. Haddock to discuss the development and roll-out of Combat Ready, as well as the overarching influences that video games have had on the animation and writing on the show.

The Kickstarter for RWBY: Combat Ready will be running until Monday, October 30 at 1pm EDT. The game is currently scheduled to be released in July 2018 for Kickstarter backers. The game is available for those wishing to back the Kickstarter worldwide, however, additional shipping costs may be charged.

Are you excited for Combat Ready or just going to replay Grimm Eclipse? Any other questions you wished we’d asked? Let us know in the comments below!


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