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Way of the Force is the latest expansion for Star Wars Destiny in the Legacy cycle. We've so far taken an introductory look at the current cycle's starter packs and Legacies expansion in our first article, and now we'll see how a Way of the Force booster box fits into our current card pool. We are approaching Star Wars Destiny from a beginners angle and deliberately restricting our card pool. We began with the starter sets, the two-player starter set and a Legacies booster box and we're now adding in a Way of the Force booster box. We have learnt over the last month of playing that Star Wars Destiny is a lot deeper than it first appears. The scale and flux of the meta was very surprising and we're really enjoying delving and experiencing different decks.

In this article, we'll take a look at our favourite cards that we opened in our Way of the Force booster box, as well as a full booster box unboxing, and we will also list the full deck that we are currently playing and developing. We are very much learning in this process, so if you have any deck advice or tips for us, please let us know in the comments at the bottom.

Way of the Force

Way of the Force has 160 new cards for Star Wars Destiny and out of the cards we opened, we found several very interesting.

destiny way of the force unboxing 39
Luke Skywalker and Torment cards from the Way of the Force expansion for Star Wars Destiny.

Luke Skywalker - Reluctant Instructor instantly stood out for us for his flexibility. The shields option plays well with other blue heroes we've been using, as well as being able to resolve them for melee damage if required. Torment allows you to build resources by taking damage against your villain and for 1 cost, the return you can get is incredible.

destiny way of the force unboxing 40
The Suppressive Fire and Hailfire Droid Tank cards from the Way of the Force expansion for Star Wars Destiny.

We like Suppressive Fire because it costs 0, and having it on the board threatens your opponent's characters. It is also a reactive card that we will have to confirm, but looks like it could activate even after you have passed the round, meaning that you would still have options that you might normally wouldn't. The Hailfire Droid Tank looks like an incredible card to design a deck around. It doesn't have a single blank side on the dice and 5 out of 6 sides are 2 or 3 value. We're not at that level yet, but we will look at creating a deck around this card's damaging ability soon.

destiny way of the force unboxing 41
The 0-0-0, Underhanded Tactics and In the Crosshairs cards from the Way of the Force expansion for Star Wars Destiny.

0-0-0 stood out to us first because it didn't have any blank sides and then we saw the By Any Means card which is also in Way of the Force, which lets you remove a dice and deals you 1 indirect damage for doing it. Combo'ed together, it becomes an very interesting mechanic that we will look to investigate further. We've used Underhanded Tactics a few times in decks we've been running and enjoying stringing together dice using it's special value. In the Crosshairs is potentially an incredible card if timed correctly and also allows you to continue your go with Ambush after it's played. Removing a large amount of dice from your opponent's pool and then capitalizing on it with another action is fantastic.

destiny way of the force unboxing 38
The Bo-Katan Kryze, Mandalorian Vambraces and Darksaber cards from the Way of the Force expansion for Star Wars Destiny.

Regular readers of our tabletop coverage will know how important theme is to us here, and we love the theme with Bo-Katan Kryze and some of the equipment she runs with in the setting. The feel that Mandalorian Vambraces and Darksaber are passed down from character to character fits perfectly in the setting and feel real in terms of their redeploy and return to hand ability. We're not sure how competitive a deck would be yet, but we're exploring what we can do in terms of a Nite Owls deck.


Star Wars Destiny Way of the Force Expansion Booster Box Opening

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As mentioned in our first Star Wars Destiny article, buying a single booster box only gives you access to six of the Legendary rarity cards, so multiple booster boxes or some trading is required to get access to copies of the cards you will want. A booster box does still give you a great amount of cards and we're able to build some great decks with our Legacies booster box and Way of the Force booster box and starter decks combined.

TechRaptor Tabletop Team's Star Wars Destiny Deck

destiny way of the force unboxing 42
The Villains we run in the TechRaptor Star Wars Destiny Deck.

Interesting Lightsabers

We made this deck out of our current card pool, simply because we want to run Kylo and Maul. It's not a competitive deck, but we are looking to tweak and optimise it, so any advice or suggestions are more than welcome and we're happy to have a discussion in the comments at the end.

Characters & Battlefield

  • Kylo Ren (1 dice)
  • Maul (1 dice)
  • Fortify (plot)
  • Taking Ground (plot)
  • Hangar Bay (Battlefield)
  • 2x Turn the Tide
  • 2x Beguile
  • 1x Resilient
  • 1x Perseverance
  • 2x Alter
  • 2x Dark Scheme
  • 1x Stronger You Have Become
  • 1x Clash
  • 1x As I have Forseen
  • 1x Triple Threat
  • 2x I Am Your Father
  • 1x Intimidate
  • 1x Your Skills Are Complete
  • 2x Canto Bright Pistol
  • 1x Force Jump
  • 2x BB-9E
  • 1x Heirloom Lightsaber
  • 1x Force Focus
  • 1x Force Fear
  • 1 Count Dooku's Solar Sailer
  • 1x Maul's Lightsaber
  • 1x Crossguard Lightsaber
  • 1x Force Stasis

Our Star Wars Destiny coverage will continue soon with our ongoing journey and the decks we are running, so stay tuned for more.


The Star Wars Destiny Way of the Force Booster Box used for this article was provided by Asmodee UK.

What's your favourite card from Way of the Force? What Star Wars Destiny decks are you running since the Way of the Force release? Do you have any suggestions for our Interesting Lightsabers deck? Let us know in the comments below.


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