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Alien Frontiers

The recent relaunch of Alien Frontiers on Kickstarter is the perfect jumping in point for both newcomers and longtime fans alike. If you have been a fan since the first Kickstarter, and have everything Alien Frontiers already, including the Big Box, and this weird T-shirt, there is still something new here for you!

Game Salute originally launched Alien Frontiers on Kickstarter back in 2010. Since then, they have had four more editions that updated small aspects while keeping the core game intact. If this is your first introduction to the game, check out the online version on Tabletopia. For the next 11 days you can grab a couple of friends and play the game for free!

Tory Niemann, the original designer of Alien Frontiers has created a 2017 promo pack for this set! For as little as $7, you get the Frontier Outpost Alien Tech card, Terran Exchange Faction Board, and a Polybag with a rules card.

Alien Frontiers Promo Pack 2017

This small investment is the perfect excuse to put Alien Frontiers back into the game night rotation.  If you're looking for an even bigger excuse, they are also re-releasing the hard to find 2012 expansion Alien Frontiers: Factions.

Factions expands the game with Agendas and Factions as well as adding the option for a fifth player! You can get Factions and the promo pack for only $27 plus shipping.


Alien Frontiers Table


While I haven't pulled the trigger yet, I'm tempted by the final two tiers. For $47 you get the Base game and the Promo Pack. The top tier is only $67 and it includes everything, the Base game, the Factions Expansion, and the Promo Pack. Given that the cheapest price on Amazon for the Base game by itself is over $90, the Kickstarter is a steal!

With 11 days to go, Game Salute has already raised more than 93% of their $47,777 goal. At these prices, I look for it to end up way past that goal.

As with any Kickstarter, there are risks. Game Salute has done numerous successful Kickstarter campaigns but they have run into some hiccups in the past. From what I can tell, everything has always shipped, but they have run into some delays. At one point they even had a plastic manufacturer shut down without warning which required recreating the plastic molds before production could even begin.

It seems like they have learned from the past and have given themselves ample time with their estimated delivery this time. Products won't ship until August and they are not including any add-ons that could unexpectedly change the scope of the project. After a lot of requests, they will be offering the expansions via PledgeManager once the campaign closes. According to Chris McMullen, the Kickstarter Manager, these are already in-stock so they won't affect the campaign's delivery.

Alien Frontiers Post Launch

If you're not sure which tier is for you, they have a great breakdown of the component pieces and all the differences in the 2017 relaunch version at the bottom of their Kickstarter page.

I'm off to go see how much change I can save in the next 11 days.

Are your interested in this project? If so, which tier are you most interested in? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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