Gen Con 2015 - Spartan Games Shows Off New Halo Expansions

Published: July 31, 2015 11:05 AM /


Spartan Games

Spartan games has been showing off some of their new expansions for the recently released Halo: Fleet Battles The Fall of Reach as well as showing some new images of Firestorm Planetfall and Dystopian Wars.

Halo: Fleet Battles has just hit its release date and already if you don't think the game and its 50 plastic space ships could get any bigger then there is a brand new series of expansions coming. The expansions are for the UNSC or for the Covenant sides and are called Fleet Commander Pack, Core Upgrade Box and Large Upgrade Box.

Halo Fleet Battles Covenant Expansions
See all that you can get for the Covenant with these new expansions!


The Fleet commander pack comes with rules and reference sheets, various dice, fleet commander card and a statistics sheet. The Code Upgrade for Covenant has 2 battle cruisers and 12 Heavy Corvettes while the UNSC gets 4 Heavy Cruisers and 24 Class Frigates. The Large Upgrade Box has 2 Heavy Cruisers and 4 Heavy Corvettes on the Covenant side while the UNSC forces get 2 Heavy Carriers and 8 Class Frigates. This adds to the already whopping 36 UNSC fleet and 20 Covenant ships, and before you complain that the UNSC has an advantage we all know who won that battle...

Firestorm Planetfall Aerial Inteceptors
From Aquan Prime to the Relthoza these aerial inteceptors will be sure to keep your troops covered from the skies!

For Firestorm Planetfall new images are showing off different aerial releases that will be releasing shortly and for Dystopian Wars some images have been revealed showing new sets of the Kingdom of Denmark Navel Battle and Surface Assault groups. All of the above packs can now be preordered via the Spartan Games Online Store and shipments are expected to be going out on the 26th of August

What do you think of these new expansions? Are you looking forward to beefing up your armada? 


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