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Based on the Manga and Anime of the same name Attack on Titan (known as A. O. T.: Wings of Freedom in Europe) is a 3D Action game coming to you from Koei Tecmo. The title follows the storyline of the series until the end of the first season, allowing players to relive some of their favorite moments from the show.

The campaign mode of Attack on Titan starts with the fall of Wall Maria and our main trio; Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert, joining the 104th Training Corps in order to get their revenge on the Titans after they destroyed their home district. After learning how to use the 3-D Movement Gear and the weaknesses of the Titans, the trio joins the Survey Corps to explore the dangerous world and try to take it back for humanity. If you've read the manga or watched the anime then you should know where the story leads but for those who haven't, expect fast-paced action and an intriguing story surrounding Eren Yeager.

Attack on Titan - Mission

The campaign mode is divided into two parts. For missions, you are given an objective to complete over areas which can range from a tightly packed city to the expanses of open plains. To navigate these maps you use your 3-D Movement Gear, or 3DMG, which allows you to swing and boost between buildings and trees, similar to Spider-Man if he also had two swords. Not only is the 3DMG essential for getting around but you will also need it so that you can lock onto the Titan's vulnerable spots and go in for the kill.

When a game's primary mode of both transport and attacking is based around an interesting concept like the 3DMG, there are a lot of ways that it could translate poorly. Attack on Titan allows you to perform complicated maneuvers like you would see in the anime but you never feel like the game is holding your hand. The objectives of the missions are to traverse the map and reach a distress signal to help NPCs take down some Titans. Along the way, you will also encounter a variety of side missions where you will rescue or escort NPCs for more supplies. This kind of setup will be somewhat similar to fans of Koei Tecmo's Warriors franchise, although maps aren't as large and there aren't any of the usual small fodder running around. With the large Titans walking around the cities, there is still more than enough to kill. 

Attack on Titan - Upgrade Equipment

At the end of each round, you're given a score and a monetary reward. The score goes both into your individual characters level where they can learn more abilities, and also into your camp level. As your camp level improves, you'll be able to purchase more equipment, components to upgrade your gear, and even warhorses. Outside of battle, you'll be in a hub area where you are able to talk to NPCs about recent events, continue the campaign, take part in special missions, or purchase and upgrade new gear. This gear is not only persistent across the different characters that you might play as in the campaign but also in the online mode, called Exhibition Mode.

Attack on Titan - Exhibition Mode

If you want to spend some time online leveling up your characters and playing with your friends then there is plenty to do. When you have created or joined a party you will appear in a hub area where you can see the other players walking around. In this area, you can prepare for your missions by purchasing and upgrading gear before picking what challenge you want to take on with your party. The missions run as usual, so you can either all work together and see who can take out the most titans or divide and conquer before meeting up at the final objective. You can play any of the special missions that are available to you in the campaign and also participate in multi-part exhibition missions. This mode is a great and simple way for multiplayer to be implemented into the game and also a good way to push you to keep playing and leveling up both your character and camp ranks.

Attack on Titan - Mange Looks

It isn't just the smooth movement of the 3DMG that lends to Attack on Titan being such a faithful recreation of the source material but also the cell shaded art style of the characters and the world around them. There were a couple of slight frame drops here and there, especially when you've been surrounded by Titans, but they never lasted long enough to impact the overall experience. The attention to detail in the creation of the Titans is spot on, from the different scaling sizes to the unease that seeing their smiling faces will give you only ever want to be out of their way or taking them down.

From the movement of your characters to the way that the game looks this is one of the better anime adaptations that I've played. While sometimes the missions that you take on can be a tad similar the continued story development and the fun and easy to use multiplayer mode will keep you entertained. Compared to some of the trailers showing slower combat the finished product shows the attention to detail in all aspects of the franchise. This is not only a good game for a fan of the series wanting to relive the beginning of the story, but also for anyone who has been interested in learning more and wants a way to dive into the action. 

Attack on Titan was reviewed on PlayStation 4 with a code provided by the publisher. It is also available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

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Attack on Titan is a fun game that takes what you see on the screen and manages to successfully translate it to your console. Great for both fans of the franchise and those who are interested in checking it out.

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