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Fibbage: The Hilarous Bluffing Party game released on the 21st of August for the Xbox One and the Amazon Fire TV, it may be one of the best party games you've never heard of. In this game you play with up to 8 players and lie your way to the top of the score board by either finding the truth of being believable enough for everyone to fall for your lies. Created by Jackbox Games, Inc. the creators of the popular trivia series of games "You Don't Know Jack" this game too follows similar themes while adding a while new level of participation.

In Fibbage you are presented a trivia question with a blank in the sentence where a key word has been left out. All of the players must then enter in a lie that could fit into the space and might be believable, or enter in something that will leave the room in stitches. After all of the lies have been entered then everyone's lie will be displayed on the screen as well as the one truth. Each of the players must then select one of the words or phrases and when everyone has picked then points go to people whose lies were selected or to people who were able to pick the truth. After you select you are also able to like a word that maybe wasn't the most believable but was your favorite. Points are then tallied up and the next player in rotation gets to select the genre for the next question to come from.

Answers can be as serious as you want or as crazy, all up to you and your friends!
Answers can be as serious as you want or as crazy, all up to you and your friends!

The layout of the questions and selection screens in Fibbage boasts simplicity as what you see on the screen is what you get. You've either being told the rules, shown the question and a timer or shown all of the answers and a timer. While this kind of simplicity normally is too lack luster for most games, in Fibbage this is all you need as the real hook of the game is the interaction with the other players around you.

The audio is extremely "Game Show" in nature, as simple riffs play out in the background while you're selecting your lie or in between rounds. Reading out the questions and delivering witty quips is the same presenter from "You Don't Know Jack" to add onto the already comedic nature of the game. All that is said by him is also present on the screen to be read in case you miss anything though.

The multiplayer is the most interesting feature of this game. You are able to play with up to 8 different people but it isn't limited to how many controllers you have for your console but instead the way a player connects is at the beginning of Fibbage you get a room code where on any internet connected device, such as your mobile phone or laptop, you go to where you can enter the room code and a name and your name will appear on the roster when you're playing. This allows for each person to enter in their own lies discreetly as well as achieving a way to play the game with so many people while only needing one console and one version of the game.

Your phone handles everything you need to do without needing more controllers
Your phone handles everything you need to do without needing more controllers

Fibbage is a lot of fun with two people and is able to leave a room in tears of laughter with 8 players going, I'm looking forward to having this as a game I will suggest time and time again whenever I have a lot of friends coming over. This could be a perfect addition to any nights enjoyment. For the Xbox One it is only $6.99 and for the Amazon Fire TV there is a free version and to unlock the full edition it is $6.99. For a game that costs so little I've already gotten so much enjoyment out of it after hours of playing and my Xbox tells me I've only seen 0.27% of the trivia questions. I would recommend this game to anyone that is able to get it. For gamers who own the Playstation 3 and the Playstation 4 Fibbage will be coming to your console on the 16th of September so make sure to pick it up!

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Fibbage is an excellent party game for a quick round with a friend or getting together 8 people. For such a cheap price it would be a shame not to try it out!

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