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Chuck's Challenge 3D review – An Adorable Headache

Gaming article by on October 30, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Chuck's Challenge 3D is a top-down puzzle solving game much like Chip's Challenge was for the old Atari Lynx. In fact, both were made by the same person. Even better is that Chuck himself is inside the game as a kind of tutorial and witty humor guy.

chucks challenge adorkableThe first thing one should talk about is the storyline, or... not really. Outside of little snippets of dialog between Chuck and the little adorable demon/alien called Woop who is the main character of the game, there really isn't one. Woop, the alien/demon, summons Chuck to a different universe in order to create puzzles.

The good parts of this game includes a wide level selection, ranging from beginner (Asida) to Expert (Flummery) Each difficulty has widely different levels as well as different dialogs. The puzzles range from extremely easy to morbidly challenging. Which plays well for the game. It also has over 120 levels, which means that you will be busy for a looong time. Unless you are playing the beginning tutorial levels, then you will probably finish them all in 45 minutes.

There is a large array of objects you will run into, from lava floors and breaking floors, to ice levels, numerous kinds of monsters, switches, keys, and many other experiences. Which makes the game act a lot like a Zelda game without all the fun in it. But if you like Puzzle games, this one might float your boat. But no worries, with the new Flummery Update, you get more monsters, more switches, and more levels!

D'awwwwThe graphics are very nice, and looks similar to that of Okami and Musashi. The music also seems to be decent, although after a few levels a particular song might get a bit dull, as it sounds a bit like elevator music.

This game is one I'd recommend if you are into puzzle games. You can buy it on Amazon for PC or MAC, as well as on Steam, Android, or iOS.