Ghost of Tsushima Rivals is a Welcome Addition to Multiplayer

Ghost of Tsushima Rivals Mode


Ghost of Tsushima Rivals is a Welcome Addition to Multiplayer

September 11, 2021

By: Dan Rockwood

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PlayStation 4
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July 17, 2020
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When Ghost of Tsushima was a breakout hit last summer, Sucker Punch followed up with the Legends multiplayer add-on that made the game an incredibly fun co-op experience. Now, the multiplayer mode is available as a standalone download, and the new Ghost of Tsushima Rivals combines the co-op spirit of the original with a competitive angle that puts you up against other players as you race toward victory. Not only are you battling with another player to defeat waves of enemies, but you’re doing so as quickly as you can to win the round before the opposing team. Plus, Ghost of Tsushima allows you to harm the other team with various abilities that you can purchase using Magatama (similar to the abilities available in Legends), so you can work to sabotage their efforts and move toward the Final Stand waves to finish the round.

What Is the Goal in Ghost of Tsushima Rivals?

An offering in Ghost of Tsushima Rivals

Where the initial Legends multiplayer is a purely co-op experience, Ghost of Tsushima Rivals puts two teams against each other in a race to clear waves of enemies. In this 2-vs-2 setup, you can’t directly interact with the other team (though you can bow to them for extra honor at the beginning of the match), but you are able to buy special abilities that can be used against the opposing team. The few Ghost of Tsushima Rivals levels that are available right now offer a little bit of variety in the way you progress, but ultimately the end goal is the same: defeat enemies, earn Magatama, progress by spending it, and trigger the Final Stand.

How Do I Use Ghost of Tsushima Rivals Magatama?

Magatama in Ghost of Tsushima Rivals


Magatama is collected by defeating enemies and exploring the map. Similar to buffs you can purchase in the regular Legends mode, you can use Magatama in Rivals to purchase a variety of different abilities. These abilities range from using shades to block opponent purchases to curses that can drain enemies’ health bars and more. Spending Magatama is how you progress in the first stages of each level, so it’s important to clear enemies quickly and buy these perks to get an edge on the opposing team. Once you’ve spent a total of 65 Magatama between you and your player 2, the Final Stand will trigger and you’ll need to survive three waves.

Death does not mean an automatic failure in Ghost of Tsushima Rivals. You can respawn as often as you need so long as the other team hasn’t yet succeeded. However, when you respawn during one of the Final Stand waves you’ll reset the wave and need to battle through from the beginning. There are three waves total, and this element can make or break your campaign. On more than one occasion I was able to struggle into a victory by using the right abilities at the right time, downing both of the opposing players and forcing them to restart their wave when they were on the verge of winning. This means the tide of battle can change in a second, shifting the momentum from one winning team to the other.

Is Ghost of Tsushima Rivals Worth the Price?

Battling in Ghost of Tsushima Rivals

Ghost of Tsushima Rivals is available as a standalone download for those who are only interested in the multiplayer experience. Though I highly recommend everyone play through the incredible Ghost of Tsushima campaign, if co-op is more your style, it’s one of the better online experiences available on PS4/PS5. Plus, the recent updates have given you more options to level up your gear and customize the perfect loadout for what you want your character to be proficient at. Whether you prefer a fully co-op experience with Legends or want to spark your competitive spirit with Rivals, you’re sure to have a great time hacking, slashing, and parrying as you play as your favorite samurai.

Have you had a chance to play Ghost of Tsushima Rivals? Do you like it better or worse than the regular Legends mode? Let us know in the comments!

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