Zelter is a Colorful Take on the Zombie Survival Genre

08/28/2020 - 13:56 | By: Don Parsons
Coming this October, Shelter From Z's

Continuing the reveals from Gamescom, publisher Super.com revealed the upcoming release date of Zelter, a colorful zombie crafting survival game on PC.

Rescued by a mysterious group of survivors in Zelter (formerly called Zhelter... cause its like Shelter but with Z), you struggle to survive the fast moving and scary zombies that are attempting to eat you and finish destroying society. Well, they catch your friends and you, and while you battled, you are the only one to escape... and now its time to restart again using everything you learned about crafting, farming, and survival to build a new society.

Mixing elements from your traditional zombie survival games, crafting from various titles, and a cute aesthetic not unlike Stardew Valley, you upgrade your tools and rescue people to have them join us with you. Once so rescued, they will take direction from you and do tasks such as farming, guarding, or gathering certain resources. 

While many zombie games go for the dark and gritty, Zelter seems interested in contrasting the darkness of the apocalyptic world, with the cute aesthetic and for many people it may essentially be the answer to 'What if Stardew Valley was run over in a Zombie Apocalypse?'.


Zelter is set to release October 22nd, in Early Access on PC via Steam. You can find out more on the Steam page.

Quick Take

Zelter looks like it is pretty fun as it merges the grimness of zombies with the fun brightness from games like Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing. It is a nice change of pace, and its a shame that it lacks co-op either local or preferably online, though if its successful perhaps it will be added.

What do you think of Zelter? Do you think Zombies can be handled with brighter pictures, or are you just all zombied out? Let us know in the comments below!

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