Yandere Simulator's latest patch adds club benefits

Published: March 16, 2016 5:48 PM /


Yandere Simulator - RS

The latest patch for senpai-worship fantasy Yandere Simulator now gives players a real reason to wander the school grounds and join one of the many varied clubs currently available to them.

Still in development, and already banned by Twitch, the current build of the game pits your customized school girl of choice against the inhabitants of an angst-ridden Japanese high school. The main objective is to kill rival students without being caught as a means to garnering the sole attention of your dreamy high school crush. Violence is, of course, available in spades and the latest patch hints at mechanics to come as well as giving you the means to complete your murders with greater success as a result of joining some of the recently implemented school clubs.

Some of the clubs currently available in Yandere Simulator include Cooking, Photography, Science, Occult (why not) and now gift your character with such traits as the ability to create a mask as a means to true anonymity or building a tiny robot that will clean blood spatter away for you. As mentioned in the official patch trailer, the point of these abilities is to "trivialize some aspect of the game"; be it gaining reputation, corpse disposal or any other of the daily grinds that greet you as a psychopathic love-sick teenager.

The build also fixes a variety of bugs and adds a few new features; including the removal of previously used music tracks. The developer, YandereDev, explains in the patch notes that if "a real-life band lets me use their tracks in Yandere Simulator, a little “Now Playing” box will appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen when their track starts playing". This could be a large opportunity for a musician or band keen for exposure; the game is already played all over the world and has been the subject of videos multiple Lets-Players including YouTube giant, Pewdiepie.

Now that school clubs are functional and with purpose, the YandereDev now reports a renewed focus on rival elimination in the next build. As if chopping them up isn't good enough.

For full patch notes, visit YandereDev's development blog and check out our interview with him, here!

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