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Those looking to watch someone play out their fantasies of their favorite Yandere waifu took a bit of a blow today, as Twitch updated their List of Prohibited Games. As stated by YandereDev himself, Yandere Simulator has been banned from streaming on the Twitch platform. This adds to an every growing list that includes indie sensation HuniePopCriminal Girls, and Hatred. But what’s unknown at this time is what exactly has gotten the banned from the service. While Twitch has specific guidelines in place regarding adult content, no information was given by twitch on exactly what Yandere Simulator does to get it banned. In fact, Twitch had absolutely no communication with the developer on the banning, as he indicated that he found out via a friend. For those who are unaware of the game, Yandere Simulator has you playing to try to get the love of your precious senpai, and dealing with any competition in possibly violent ways.

While there have been games that have been streamed on the service that have featured nudity for example, Twitch specifically says that “Nudity can’t be a core focus or feature of the game in question”. The worst that I can see regarding Yandere Simulator (besides a mod for nudity, but other games such as Skyrim have nude mods as well) is a shower section that has the sensitive parts of the person in question blurred out thanks to soap bubbles. The creator seems open to adjust the game to allow it to be streamed, as seen below. The game has been played by such YouTube personalities as Markiplier and Jacksepticeye

TechRaptor is contacting Twitch to try to get clarification on what exactly rules have been broken here, or what content is not considered ok for their service, and will update the story if we get a response from Twitch.

Do you think that Twitch is going too far regarding the banning of the game in question, or do you think that it goes against their Community Guidelines? What do you think of the fact that no communication was given to the developer? Leave your thoughts below!

Shaun Joy

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YouTuber Dragnix who plays way too many games, and has a degree in Software Engineering. A Focus on disclosure on Youtubers, and gaming coverage in general.

  • Azure

    HuniePop has flat out porn so sure Twitch does not want hentai/porn on their service. Hatred is banned because the purpose is to kill and butcher innocent people? Eh opened to interpretation.
    Criminal Girls… banned because… comedic torture…?

    Each ban gets flimsier and flimsier while showing a more ideological motive behind bans or it is a Japanese game and they are the devil servants.

  • Patrick Perrault

    Quite clear that this ban is for ideological reasons, and nothing to do with rationality. Idiotic move by Twitch.

  • I feel like Twitch shouldn’t ban games at all. Just let streamers set an “adult” flag that puts it behind and age gate or something like that.

    God damn it, when the Internet came around I had hoped we’d be done with all this prudish bullshit.

  • Travis

    Proofread please.

  • EroBotan

    Twitch is infested with SJW & feminists

  • patyos

    thats what i said when they started banning Criminal Girls,Sakura games and hatred . And Seriously Second Life ? Thats almost as bad as banning elder Scrolls Skyrim cause someone may have a Adult mod installed.


    If Twitch’s goal was to damage its brand among this hardcore gamer – it succeeded.

    I’ve seen countless Internet platforms over the years censor the “edges” to make themselves more “marketable.” Paradoxically, it turned me off those platforms.

    I thought Twitch’s leadership was different. I thought wrong.

    Looks like I’ll have to migrate to another streaming service. Great.

  • Sebastian Mikulec

    Sadly, it seems our brief grace period of freedom is over. Every medium eventually gets tainted by the foul stench of censorship.

    Twitch, being a private company, of course, do have the right to allow and not allow whatever content they deem fit. What bothers me is when they’re inconsistent with their own guidelines or when they ban something with no warning and no explanation. Consistency and a heads up to the parties affected would be appreciated.

  • Kev Lew

    there is a well publicised “adult” focus on many second life areas, 3-4 articles in pretty big magazines, I can understand the ban as the “game” is allegedly cesspit of fetishists and roleplayers if you step into the wrong area.

  • Sebastian Mikulec

    We desperately need a true competitor to Twitch. I know alternative game streaming platforms exist, but they’re small potatoes compared to Twitch. Right now, Twitch has essentially a monopoly. Twitch can do basically whatever they want with essentially zero repercussions. Sure, some journalist sites, like this one (and god bless you for calling them out) may bring light to questionable bans and inconsistencies with their actions, but the bad press has zero impact on their profit margin, because if you’re a streamer who is fed up with Twitch, what are you going to do? Move to a different service and get 1/20th the viewership? If Twitch had a legit competitor(s) they would have to be a lot more careful and mindful of how they treat their streamers and the games they play because losing streamers would be a real threat.

  • It’s arguably a bit different than modded Skyrim because you can’t necessarily control if a giant dong flies across your screen.

  • Hitbox is pretty neat from what I’ve seen so far.

  • BurntToShreds

    The issue with massive services with countless users like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, is that they’re not required to disclose any of the guidelines they use to decide what content is unacceptable and what content is fine. This lack of transparency is ridiculous, but sadly the majority of users aren’t the ones who break those unseen guidelines and therefore don’t care… at least until it starts affecting them.

    Twitch’s parent company, Amazon, has thousands upon thousands of adult products only purchaseable (and viewable I think – I haven’t tried looking at adult products while logged out) by adults. However, Amazon is beholden to sales of products while Twitch is beholden to sales of advertisements, and advertisers are a very skittish bunch. With that said I still think that there’s more than enough room for a Mature-Viewers-Only setting that streamers can activate where viewers that are either logged out or underage are blocked from seeing both the chat and the stream.

    So here’s what Twitch should do, even though I think they won’t:
    1. Provide transparent guidelines as to what content belongs where. Example: Yandere Simulator is/will be a game where you can use methods such as kidnapping, torture, and murder against fellow minors who are innocent civilians in a high school setting to achieve your goal. While the game seems to not glorify these actions, they still help you achieve the goal of winning the game. Was that why Yandere simulator got banned? If so, there are other games where harm upon innocents is mandatory for progression, like GTAV’s torture scene. Is that not banned because the torture of innocents is not a running theme or tactic that you use to succeed at the game? A big list or FAQ would be nice.

    2. Create the Mature-Viewers-Only setting for people to play games like Yandere Simulator in and enforce it. Example: If someone’s playing Hatred and they have their Mature-Viewers-Only setting turned off, then give them a warning. Multiple offenses would result in temporary bans extending in time all the way up to a final, permanent ban.

  • Seansong1

    this is getting out of hand …

  • Aeloth

    Except that it’s run by SJWs as well. You’d be trading one turd for another.

  • Sta-au

    Yeah it’s going to far. I’ve seen Yandere Simulator and I don’t see anything that would get it banned from the service. Especially since so many other games can be much much more violent than some of the ones listed. Hell the Punisher could be considered more intense than Yandere.

  • MusouTensei

    If he censors the game just so it can be shown on Twitch I will not Support him any longer. Also fuck Twitch.

  • Serathis

    Everything is a fetish. Welcome to the internet.

  • Serathis

    I guess in GTA V you don’t torture little girls and that makes it alright?

  • Serathis

    I think the problem lies with little girls being target practice.

  • Kaelath The Red

    If by flat out porn you mean softcore images of naked women then sure, but witcher 1, 2, 3 have medium core sex scenes and GTAV has first person blowjobs. out of all those games hunipop is the tames game you could pick.

  • Reptile

    “Little Girls”. So, the only thing the dev must do is to put a big “ALL CHARACTERS ARE ABOVE LEGAL AGE” in the intro and pop, weee, fucking win. No more problem right?

  • Michele

    Censorship is always bad, expecially when you have the means to tag the content properly. Let the user decide what they want to see.
    Lack of communication is unprofessional. Ban first and talk (maybe) later doesn’t work.

    Anyway the issue with ban and censorship is closely related to the weight of the group of people that doesn’t like that content. Those service want to avoid issue, issue that in some cases cannot be ignored. There could be the most horrifing content on the platform, but if only one person doesn’t like it i’m pretty sure it won’t be banned.

  • Cheese sticks

    They are consistent with their lawyers

  • Sebastian Mikulec

    There’s Hitbox, Azubu, I know YouTube has been trying to get its own streaming off the ground, I’m sure there are others. None of these currently have even 10% of the viewership that Twitch gets. Hopefully, at least one of them becomes big enough to be a real threat to Twitch. One company having a near monopoly is not good for anybody, other than Twitch, that is.

  • Garbagio Dumpsterino

    What the fuck? For what reason?

  • Crizzyeyes

    My guess is that Twitch’s response to those asking why the game was banned will be “Because it’s 2016.”

  • Crizzyeyes

    Huniepop has explicit images, or at least images of the nude girls covered in spunk. Hard to remember right now.

  • Azure

    Not to mention tentacle scene.

  • Twitch is spineless and I hope a better streaming service overtakes them someday. Plenty of horror films and other types of media involve teenagers being killed. Anyone who wants to make the argument that Yandere Simulator is different because it’s interactive and psychological can fuck off with the “video games cause violence” crowd.

  • Suriel

    Hitbox is better than Twitch in many regards, especially to newcomers. Also, either you are already big on Twitch. In which case your followers will go with you, brave sheep they are. Or you are still small, in which case it makes no difference.

  • Suriel

    The main issue is that there is no way to control age of user in the Internet.
    In the beginning you had to send in a copy of your passport at least to services that provided “adult material”.

    If they were serious about their banning to save us all and found the perfect society, perhaps Big Brother should start with games like Counterstrike and other war games instead.

    The hypocrisy. Naked bodies and sex are bad, while killing is totally fine. Unless you are Hatred and don’t do the killing under the stars&stripes banner… 😉

  • Galbador

    Wow… a new way of kicking someone’s butt without noticing them about it. How lovely. Now I know why Google bought Twitch. Two kind of a bad like each other. Brilliant!

  • coboney

    Google didn’t. They tried to – but Amazon out bid them.

  • Galbador

    Oh… well color me surprised. I really thought that it was Google.

  • King of Zeroes

    Until Twitch stops riding the views from games like MKX, it doesn’t really have any moral high-ground to stand on when banning something as tame as Yandere Simulator.

    They already had to jump through hoops to explain why Hatred was somehow “worse” than MKX.

    This is censorship, plain and simple. And I oppose censorship. Full stop.