Xbox Introduced Strike-Based Enforcement System Against Hate Speech, Cheating, & More

Published: August 15, 2023 12:08 PM /


Red Xbox

Today Microsoft announced that it implemented a new enforcement system on its Xbox online services with the intent of curbing problematic behavior.

According to the announcement, the system will assign a number of strikes for each infraction, resulting in the suspension from the platform's social features. 

You can receive up to 8 strikes, and the more you have accumulated, the longer the suspension, according to the following table:

  • 1 strike - 1 day
  • 2 strikes - 1 day
  • 3 strikes - 3 days
  • 4 strikes - 7 days
  • 5 strikes - 14 days
  • 6 strikes - 21  days
  • 7 strikes - 60 days
  • 8 strikes - 365 days

Different actions can result in a different amount of strikes received, here are a few examples

  • Profanity - 1 strike
  • Cheating - 1 strike
  • Sexually inappropriate - 2 strikes
  • Harassment or bullying - 2  strikes
  • Hate speech - 3 strikes

Below you can see an infographic showing how it all works.

Xbox Enforcement system

Reports that would result in a strike are all manually reviewed and no enforcement action is taken manually. This is regardless of the volume of reports received, so mass reporting won't result in an automated strike. 

Strikes also expire after six months and each player can access their enforcement history and current number of strikes on their profile

Strikes can also be appealed and either confirmed or removed after they are reviewed. 

According to the announcement, the new system intends to "educate players about enforcement severity, cumulative effect of multiple enforcements, and the total impact on their standing."


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