Xbox Game Pass September 2023 Wave 2 Includes Superhero Shenanigans And More

Published: September 19, 2023 9:29 AM /


Nightwing shouldering an escrima stick and looking moody in Gotham Knights, one of the Xbox Game Pass September 2023 Wave 2 titles

Microsoft has announced what's coming as part of the Xbox Game Pass September 2023 Wave 2 lineup, and there's a big surprise waiting in the (bat) wings.

First up, starting today, Belle Epoque Soulslike Lies of P makes its Game Pass debut, as well as its debut in the gaming world in general.

While I wasn't head over heels in love with the puppet action RPG, I do recommend giving it a look, especially if you can forgive poor storytelling and you like crunchy, cathartic combat (occasionally spongey though it might be).

Tomorrow, the long-awaited multiplayer brawler Party Animals finally launches. Our very own Giuseppe found himself unexpectedly loving this one, so make sure you give it a look as well!

On Thursday, meanwhile, it's Payday 3 time, so suit up and get ready to head into some stealthy heists with your co-conspirators. Sadly, you probably won't get to play in an actual prison, so you'll have to make do with your gaming room.

Heisters running from the scene of the crime in Payday 3, one of the Xbox Game Pass September 2023 Wave 2 titles
"No, no. I kill the bus driver."

On September 29th, Limbo and Inside designer Jeppe Carlsen launches Cocoon on Game Pass. It's a characteristically artistic adventure with lots of mystery and intrigue to unravel.

On October 3rd, you can enjoy superhero action RPG Gotham Knights on Game Pass. TechRaptor's Alex Santa Maria was lukewarm about this one, but hey, if you're a subscriber, it can't hurt to fire it up and give it a try, right?

Finally, also on October 3rd, tactical adventure The Lamplighter's League arrives for Microsoft's subscription service. If you like pulpy adventure serials, this one's for you.

Here's a quick customary recap of what's coming to Xbox Game Pass for the rest of this month (and the first few days of October).

  • Lies of P - today (PC, console, cloud)
  • Party Animals - September 20th (console, cloud)
  • Payday 3 - September 21st (PC, console, cloud)
  • Cocoon - September 29th (PC, console)
  • Gotham Knights - October 3rd (PC, Xbox Series X|S, cloud)
  • The Lamplighter's League - October 3rd (PC, Xbox Series X|S, cloud)

Here's everything that will be leaving the service on September 30th.

  • Beacon Pines
  • Despot's Game
  • Last Call BBS
  • Moonscars
  • Outriders
  • Prodeus
  • Weird West


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