Xbox E3 2017 - Xbox One X

Published: June 11, 2017 6:11 PM /


Xbox One X Header

Microsoft kicked their E3 press conference off with the Xbox One X, the upgraded version of their Xbox One console. After a dramatic revealing of what it looked like Phil Spencer came on stage to talk.

They started by revealing that the Xbox One X will launch November 7th. Following this Kareem Choudhry came on stage to talk specs. The Xbox One X will have a 6 Tereflop GPU and 12GB of Ram, which will provide true 4K for their console. All Xbox One accessories and games will work with the Xbox One X. All games will also get faster load times and aniso filtering. It will also have super sampling by default. The chip itself also extremely impressive and the Xbox One X will have liquid cooling. Despite all this, the Xbox One X will be the smallest Xbox ever, even smaller than the Xbox One S.

Some games have already been confirmed to be getting updated versions with the Xbox One X. Some of the games include Final Fantasy XV, Rocket League, Resident Evil 7, and Tom Clancy's Wildlands. First party games like Halo Wars 2, Gears of War 4, and Minecraft will also be getting updates to provide 4K resolutions and better graphical output to make use of the stronger Xbox One X.

The Xbox One X, similar to the Xbox One S, will not have a port for the Kinect camera. Instead it will likely use the USB adapter if you still want to use your Kinect camera with the console.

The Xbox One X will be launching November 7th and will cost $499. There will only be one version and it will come with a 1TB hard drive. This is, of course, assuming it gets approved by the FCC. In a bit of a strange note it appears that the console has not actually gotten that approval yet and will need to do so before it can be put on sale. Still, it seems likely that Microsoft can get it before the release date.

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