Visceral Games Details Maps and Modes of Battlefield Hardline

01/24/2015 - 17:48 | By: Thomas Nelson
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Visceral Games has outlined the game modes and maps that will be included for the release of Battlefield Hardline. The developer also recently confirmed that the upcoming shooter will have early access on the Xbox One for EA Access subscribers.

Battlefield Hardline at launch will have a total of nine maps and seven modes. The majority of the maps and modes have an associated video giving a quick demo of what players can expect at launch. Conquest in Battlefield Hardline will be virtually the same as in the other Battlefield titles with players tasked with controlling designated zones while a ticker counts down. The first team to lose all tickets, preventing respawn, loses the game. Team Deathmatch has no objectives and simply requires teams to have a higher body count than the other. Heist is a team of criminals tasked with bringing two bags of money to one of two designated points, protected by police officers, before time runs out. Blood Money is a mode with police and criminals fighting over a single cache of bank notes protected in factional vaults. The team with the most money in their respective vault wins the game. Hotwire is a game mode that tasks criminals to steal designated vehicles and bring them to specific drop-offs before police can repossess the same cars. Rescue is a competitive mode with limited lives that tasks police with rescuing hostages held by criminals before time expires. Criminals in this mode are set in a defensive structure that police officers must breach. Crosshair, like Rescue, is a competitive mode with limited lives that tasks criminals to assassinate a VIP that is being escorted by police. The outcome of this mode depends on the safety of the VIP.

battlefield hardline maps modes

Everglades is a backwater county and shantytown set in the swamps of Florida. Riptide is a secluded Floridian mansion protected by a chain of islands. Derailed is an industrial district located in Los Angeles. Growhouse is a warehouse located in a Los Angeles industrial park. Hollywood Heights is a stilted, multi-level mansion set in the hills of Los Angeles' most glamorous residential district. Dust Bowl is a rundown town that is set in the arid landscape of rural California. The Block is a crime-ridden block set in a poverty-stricken district of Los Angeles. Bank Job as the name implies is a large bank in heart of the Los Angeles financial district. Downtown appears to one of the largest maps in Battlefield Hardline as it covers several blocks of the Los Angeles business district. Visceral Games has yet to give the date but Battlefield Hardline is still scheduled to have another open beta prior to release.


Battlefield Hardline is expected to release this year on March 17th for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

What do you think of the map list and some of the featured modes? Do you expect the current lineup is satisfactory for release?

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