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Pokemon Direct Feb Preview

Update: Here is the video link so that you can watch the Nintendo Direct for yourself


Today was not only the first Nintendo Direct of the year but also the first time that there has been a specific Pokemon Direct. Also unlike other Nintendo Direct conferences this one took all of six minutes. That doesn't mean that there was no information, it just meant that all of the information was heavily concentrated.

Ishihara, CEO of The Pokemon Company, starts off the Pokemon Direct talking about how tomorrow will be the 20th anniversary of the original Pokemon games and how as of tomorrow you can get the original games on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual console. Some time was taken to highlight the graphical improvement of Pokemon from the original monochromatic pixel art to the full 3D models of Pokemon X and Y.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Preview

For the anniversary a new video is shown showing off the 20 years of Pokemon. With footage of kids playing games from gen 1 up until Gen 6. There is a focus on the ideas of collecting, trading, and battling. It was then announced that in Holiday of 2016 the leaked Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon would be coming to the Nintendo 3DS. It was also announced that Pokemon Sun and Moon will have improved language functions allowing players to select Chinese traditional and Chinese simplified.

To wrap up the Nintendo Direct there was the final announcement that the virtual console Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow version wouldn't just have wireless trading between virtual console versions but would also connect with Pokemon Bank. This means that players who own those virtual console titles will be able to transfer their captured pokemon all the way up to Pokemon Sun and Moon.

If you want to watch the Pokemon Direct for yourself then you can via the Nintendo Direct website.

Quick Take

Well that was short but sweet. Not only were new games confirmed but for a Gen 1 Pokemon game to get connectivity to keep it relevant is incredible and I'm sure that will just mean more people will want to get in on the old games. Even more so as it seems that the mew glitch is still active.

That was a short Nintendo Direct but what are you most excited for? Are you going to get one of the original games? Are you excited to replay the old ones tomorrow?

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