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Twitch Prime has been received quite well in the past month. In case you didn't hear the news, this program gives each month to Amazon Prime subscribers free in-game content, free games, a free subscription to a twitch channel and a whole series of other gaming related amenities. This means that who already was a Prime subscriber received more free stuff and Twitch broadcasters can enjoy what is basically free monetary support (which is good for the platform). Twitch Prime program is entering its second month of support and it brings more great stuff.

Twitch Prime members will be able, during the month of November, to have access to in-game cosmetic content for Watch Dogs 2 in addition to two games:

  • Watch Dogs 2 in-game content: For Watch Dogs 2's release, Twitch is granting its users some cosmetic stuff as long as an XP boost for all Twitch Prime subscribers. In the specific:
    • Twitch-themed Hoodie character skin
    • Exclusive XP boost
    • Pixel Art customization pack of skins for character, vehicle, weapon, and drone
    • Guts, Grit, and Liberty customization pack of skins for character and vehicle
  • This War of Mine: Anniversary Edition: This is one of those gut-wrenching games that everyone should play at least once. 11 bit Studios' critically acclaimed management/survival game will have players look at the world not through the eyes of the soldiers that fight it, but through the eyes of the civilian survivors that struggle to get through it alive. The Anniversary Edition includes 3 new locations with new characters, and alternate endings. You can read our review here).
  • Punch Club: Remaining in the theme of management games (and to lighten up the mood a bit), tinyBuild's Punch Club will have you walk the shoes of a wannabe Rocky Balboa, climbing the ladder of the fighting scene by  punching everyone in your path. It also has Twitch integration so if you're a streamer, it could be a nice way to interact with your audience. You can read our review here).
Of course, Twitch Prime will also give you the usual twitch related content. Prime subscribers will be able to enjoy ad-free viewing of the site, will be marked by a crown flair in twitch chat will receive a free channel subscription every month and will have access to exclusive chat emotes.

You can download and play the free games from Twitch Launcher, the standalone client from Twitch. Having to install another client to play these games is less than ideal. It adds to Uplay, Steam, Origin and a plethora of other clients that are rarely used.

There are some points that are not entirely clear from Twitch's blog post like whether the Anniversary Edition of This War of Mine will include The Little Ones DLC and if the games will be still playable after the expiration of the Prime membership. We've reached out to Twitch for clarifications and will update the article as soon as we get a response.

UPDATE: We received word from Twitch about the availability of the games if you stop being a prime member. We attach the full statement below:

Once you claim a Twitch Prime exclusive, it is yours to own for the long term beyond when your subscription ends
We are clarifying a few other matters at this time and will add another update when we know more.

UPDATE 2: We received another response from Twitch regarding the anniversary edition of This War of Mine and the cosmetic items for Watch Dogs 2 included in November's Twitch Prime rewards:

  • The version of This War of Mine: Anniversary Edition included in the Twitch Prime membership does not include the DLC "The Little Ones".
  • The Guts, Grit, and Liberty and the Pixel Art cosmetic DLC packs for Watch Dogs 2 are not a Twitch Prime exclusive but the Twitch logo hoodie and the XP boost are.
Are you a Twitch Prime subscribers? What do you think of this month's rewards? Did you enjoy last month's free content? Let us know in the comments.

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