[Update] Valve to Respond to Washington Gambling Commission After Given Deadline

Published: Monday, October 17, 2016 - 20:09 | By: Robert Grosso

Update: Valve has sent us a copy of the letter they are sending to the Washington Gambling Commission. You can read it below.






The original story follows below

Valve has missed the deadline imposed by the Washington Gambling Commission in regards to their current gambling case against the company.

Earlier this month, the Gambling Commission had ordered Valve to put a stop to skin trading for the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive. CSGO has been met with rampant criticism regarding the trading of skins for real money, including several scandals involving CSGO lotteries not sponsored by Valve.

According to the Gambling Commission, they feel that Valve "aids in these gambling activities because it knowingly allows players and third party gambling sites to use its Steam Platform to transfer "skins" for gambling activities."


The company had until October 14th to comply but has apparently missed the deadline, in an updated memo by the Gambling Commission. However, a representative at Valve contacted the Commission on the 14th, stating that the company is still working on a reply to the Commission's letter, which will be given today, on October 17th, 2016.

Director David Trujillo stated in the new memo that he was disappointed that Valve missed Friday's deadline, but is encouraged by their commitment to respond today.

According to the Commission, Valve was aware of the Commission's interest in the CSGO gambling since mid-February, when a member of the Commission met with Valve's in-house counsel Liam Lavey over the concerns of the company facilitating gambling on Steam. The Commission has been attempting to contact Valve ever since that meeting, noting that if the company failed to reply it will exercise their authority under Washington State's gambling laws,  including the forfeiture of the Valve Corporation charter and possible criminal charges for Valve employees for facilitating illegal activities.

Valve's statement regarding meeting the needs of the Commission have not yet been made public at this time.

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