Update 1.3.2 for Re-Logic's Terraria is Now Live

Published: July 20, 2016 7:12 PM /


Terraria Re-Logic Party Update

Re-Logic has released a new update for PC players of their wildly popular Terraria. Update 1.3.2 focuses primarily on allowing players to throw parties in their town, with some help from your Town NPCs. If the right conditions are met a party will be generated; players can also start their own parties with the Party Girl's Party Center. Additionally, Re-Logic has included a multitude of party themed items such as Balloon Animals, Streamers, Party Presents and Party Hats for that authentic party feeling.

Update 1.3.2 has also made a few changes the single-player and multi-player modes. The biggest changes that were made were to the multi-player concern the number of player synchronization calls required for multi-player; previously, there were a higher number of player synchronization calls, which would stress high player count servers. In-game chat logs will also no longer break after long messages.

In single-player, the biggest change comes to whether a newly generated world will feature the Crimson or the Corruption. Before this update, a newly generated world has a fifty-fifty chance of having either the Crimson or the Corruption; as of update 1.3.2, if you have reached hard mode, you can choose between the two yourself for newly generated worlds. If players are already in hard mode, loading any pre-hard mode worlds will automatically generate this feature.


Players can also use the Sort function on Chests, in order to make items easier to find - especially craftable items.

The final changes that were made in this update concern a number of bugs, some of which were harmless (such as the item The Grand Design having too high of a selling price, and weather not properly updating on servers), and some that caused crashes (which were related to using the Ice Rod and Dressers).

Re-Logic's next Terraria update will focus on the Underground Desert, although no release date or details on what this update will entail are present at this time.

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