Untitled Goose Game Takes Flight & Makes Mischief September 20th

Published: August 30, 2019 1:00 PM /



Untitled Goose Game, the game that lets you be a naughty goose, now has an official release date. Players will be able to bring low-key terror to a small village on September 20th via the Epic Games Store and Nintendo Switch, with plans for Steam and itch.io in the future.



If you've ever met a goose in real life, you might know that they can be vicious creatures. In Untitled Goose Game, developed by House House and published by Panic, you get to play as one of these foul fowl and terrorize a village. In each level, players will have a variety of objectives to complete that generally involve harassing the people of a quaint village. One of the earliest levels shown has players bothering a gardener simply trying to tend to his garden. Some objectives in that stage including stealing his keys, throwing his rake into the lake, and tricking him into getting soaked by his sprinkler. The newest trailer, shown above, features a more commercial area as well shenanigans involving the goose's honks.


The news most players may be interested in is the game's Epic Games Store exclusivity. This bit of news came out a couple of months ago in a Twitter thread. House House's reasoning for taking the deal, found in the second tweet of the thread, is similar to the one cited by the Ooblets team: financial stability.


However, Steam fans need not despair. Their next tweet says they love Steam and itch.io, and they plan to release Untitled Goose Game there, as well. If you have a Nintendo Switch, you can also play Untitled Goose Game on there day one.

Untitled Goose Game is releasing on Epic Games Store and Nintendo Switch September 20th for $19.99 (with a launch sale price of $14.99.) There's no word on when it will release on Steam or itch.io. Those attending PAX West can play the game at booth #6516



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