Tyrants of the Moonsea Finished and Released for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

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Tyrants of the Moonsea Finished and Released for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

August 22, 2019

By: Robert Grosso

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At long last, a long-lost premium module for Neverwinter Nights is being completed for the Enhanced Edition of the game.

Tyrants of the Moonsea, by developer Ossian Studios,  is a brand new premium module for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. Based on the incomplete module by Luke Scull, the new, enhanced version expands upon Tyrants of the Moonsea by adding an estimated 70% more story and gameplay, along with new art, audio content, and more.

Neverwinter Nights has a long history of both professional and indie fan-made modules. When the game was first released by BioWare in 2002, the plan was to provide a moddable toolset for players to expand their own custom-made Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Most of the post-game support would last well into 2006, with the release of paid premium modules.

The premium module system was canceled in 2006 by Atari, but one of the last major releases was from Ossian Studios, titled Darkness over Daggerford. Ossian, formed by former BioWare producer Alan Miranda, recently would see their own release of Daggerford for the Beamdog re-release of Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition with an enhanced premium version of the module.


Ossian Studios then decided to bring Tyrants of the Moonsea to fruition as a premium module, the first new (for a certain sense of the word) premium module to be released for Neverwinter Nights in nearly fourteen years.

Much of the design for Tyrants of the Moonsea on a technical level is impressive, with Ossian Studios collaborating with Luke Scull and help from other prominent modders and designers from the website Arelith. In total, dozens of new placeable assets, four new tilesets, fourteen new character portraits, five new monsters and even an orchestral music track and voice acting were added to the module. The module boasts about 20+ hours of gameplay, with eighteen explorable areas found in the Moonsea region such as Thar, Zhentil Keep and more, is much expanded from the original Tyrants of the Moonsea design ideas. Five different companions can also accompany you on your quest, which will see the player character fight off against an ancient evil awakening in the Moonsea region.

Priced at $9.99, Tyrants of the Moonsea is available now on Steam for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition and is currently 10% off.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Looking forward to playing Tyrants of the Moonsea? Leave your comments below. 

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