Traveller's Rest Update 0.3.4 is the Start of a New Journey

Development of Traveller's Rest is Shifting from Louqou to Barcelona-Based Indie Studio Isolated Games

Published: March 22, 2021 2:21 PM /


Traveller's Rest Update 0.3.4 new developer cover

The Traveller's Rest 0.3.4 update is bringing some cool new content to the game, but that's far from the biggest change — Barcelona-based indie Isolated Games is taking over development from Louqou.

Traveller's Rest is a game that's all about running your very own inn. Unfortunately, it's a little run down — it's up to you to build this business up from nothing and turn it into a bustling bar for weary travelers!

The game has been available on Steam since July 2020. Development has been progressing at a slow, but steady pace, but things are about to change with a somewhat unusual move — an entirely different developer is taking over.

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Isolated Games is the New Traveller's Rest Developer

Believe it or not, Traveller's Rest was developed by a single developer going by Louqou. While the initial launch of the game has gone well, Louqou has come to the realization that he wouldn't be able to deliver content at a satisfactory pace for fans. That's exactly why he's handing things off to Isolated Games.

"Wanting what's best for the game and its fans Louqou has decided to pass future development onto another development studio," read a press release from the new developer Isolated Games. "He apologizes for the delays in development this has caused. However, this big change has allowed us to redefine the scope of the game, such as including plans for new animations, art style, character models, and even maybe the highly requested feature - multiplayer in the future!"

Isolated Games has already been working on this project for a month; the Traveller's Rest 0.3.4 Update will be the first piece of content from this new developer. That's just the short-term plans, though — here's what's in store for the future as they are expanding the scope of Traveller's Rest:

  • We'll improve the artistic style of the game. We are currently re-drawing all the assets with a higher pixel density in order to have much more detail. No more ladies that seem like men!
  • We'll improve all the animations of the game. The new animations will look beautiful and smooth.
  • Gamepad support! We're currently working on it and it will be ready soon!
  • A new balanced crafting and farming system. New ways to get resources: fishing, cutting down trees, mining rocks...
  • New construction system. Expand the tavern your way, add new dining rooms or kitchens.
  • A bigger world! [Everyone] loves to be focused in their taverns, but we would like to add the option to explore the world and get to know new characters.
  • Multiplayer. It would be great to work in your tavern with friends, wouldn't it?

Naturally, increasing the scope of this game is also going to affect its plans for Steam Early Access. Alexander Poysky, who's working with Isolated Games on the project, tells us that the one-year deadline for 1.0 — that is to say, a July 2021 release date — will no longer happen and that there is not yet set a timeframe for Update 1.0.

For those concerned about Isolated Games current project, Between the Stars, there's no need to worry as a new team has been hired to work on Traveller's Rest with the core Isolated Games team providing feedback and support for the developers.

Traveller's Rest Update 0.3.4 new developer slice 2

What's New in the Traveller's Rest 0.3.4 Update

For now, the Traveller's Rest 0.3.4 update is here to give players new content to enjoy. A majority of this update is focused on new cosmetic content, but there are also a few changes that will set things up for a brighter future.

A total of 28 new cosmetic items have been added to the game. Players can now change rug styles or paintings by using the "cycle colors" function; simply press Q to change things up!

In addition, the game's UI has been entirely remade to provide support for controllers in the future. This is the first of many steps towards the bigger, better version of Traveller's Rest that's currently in development over at Isolated Games.

The Traveller's Rest 0.3.4 Update is a good start for what will hopefully be a much faster (and much more robust) development schedule. There's still plenty to enjoy right now, though! You can buy Traveller's Rest in Steam Early Access for $14.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of Traveller's Rest development shifting to Isolated Games? Were you upset at the somewhat slow pace of content coming out for the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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