Traitors In Salem Builds On Town Of Salem's Witchy Social Intrigue

A new successor to social deduction game Town of Salem has been announced, and it's going into alpha testing soon

Published: May 3, 2021 9:04 AM /


Two of the characters in Town of Salem sequel Traitors In Salem

Town of Salem is getting a sequel. Developer BlankMediaGames today officially announced Traitors In Salem, the next game in what the studio is calling "the Salem Universe". It'll be entering alpha testing later this year.

What is Traitors In Salem all about?

After the residents of Salem banished the Necronomicon at the conclusion of the original game, an uneasy peace descended upon the village. Of course, such things can never last, so dark forces are once again threatening Salem, and traitors are among your kin. You'll either have to root out traitors using your deductive skills, or hide your true nature from those around you as you murder innocents and commit unspeakable acts of treason.

Some of the characters in Traitors In Salem
Our money's on the werewolf, but any of these could be one of the titular Traitors In Salem.

Gameplay-wise, BlankMediaGames says it's improving on the formula in its previous social deduction game Town of Salem. Unlike in that game, you'll be able to move freely around the town, exploring and investigating. There aren't any neutral factions this time around; only the Town and the Traitors are involved, so there won't be any awkward stalemates. King Maker positions have also been removed, with the devs saying this will eliminate some of the "un-fun game outcomes" these roles engendered last time around. BlankMediaGames is toying with new Chaos Modes, too, including Capture the Flag and Cops and Robbers. All in all, if you're a fan of Town of Salem but wish it was a bit better-balanced, this looks like it'll very much be for you.

Traitors in Salem is scheduled to start alpha testing sometime "before the end of summer 2021", according to BlankMediaGames. The devs say they'll have more news about the project in the coming weeks. We don't yet know if it'll be an open or closed alpha phase, so make sure you keep up to date with Traitors in Salem if you want to be part of the testing vanguard.

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