This War Of Mine Has Sold Over 4.5 Million Copies


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This War Of Mine Has Sold Over 4.5 Million Copies

April 3, 2019

By: William Worrall

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11 bit studios have announced that their war survival game This War of Mine has sold over 4.5 million units across all platforms since it was launched back in 2014. Since then the game has been ported to 6 major platforms, has been adapted into a tabletop board game and has received a popular expansion with This War of Mine: The Little Ones.  The game's success and popularity has also enabled the developer to donate over $500,000 dollars to the charity War Child, who provide help to children living through war or through the aftermath of war.

This War of Mine tells the story of civilians living through the Bosnian War, and their attempts to survive through the conflict while dodging looters, thugs, and even soldiers. The play must give their characters enough rest, food and comfort to keep them alive, healthy and sane until the conflict ends. This War of Mine: The Little Ones adds children to the game, with their own special physical and emotional needs as well as the added burden of protecting the young and innocent.

With the announcement of the impressive milestone that This War of Mine has reached 11 bit studios also announced a new stand-alone expansion for the game. This War of Mine: Stories - Father's Promise is out right now for iOs and Android for only $1.99 (UK: £1.89), and tells the story of a father, Adam, out to try and protect his family during the war. The new standalone game it based on an audio drama by Polish author Tukasz Orbitowski, and features enhanced graphics, original locations and difficult emotional decisions which the player must make to survive.

Did you buy This War of Mine? What do you think about the series' success so far? Will you try the new mobile game? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. 

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