Team Deathmatch and More Will Return to Overwatch

Published: October 19, 2017 9:40 AM /


Overwatch Six Symmetra Stack

If you're one of the people who has been hankering to play some No Limits in the Overwatch Arcade, good news - Game Director Jeff Kaplan has stated that they will come back in a post on the game's official forums.

Aside from Quick Play and Competitive Play, Overwatch has an Arcade which allows players to try out one of five different game modes. Which five modes are represented rotates on an irregular basis. Unfortunately for some, we've seen neither hide nor hair of certain game modes in several months such as No Limits. Here's what the Arcade menu looks like right now:

Overwatch Arcade Cards 10 19 17
This is what the Arcade looks like in Overwatch as of October 19, 2017.

Jeff Kaplan took to the Overwatch forums in response to a post by user Levelz who was requesting that Team Deathmatch be brought back. Mr. Kaplan outright confirmed that this particular game mode and others such as the 1v1 modes will be making their way back into the rotation, although he did not specify any kind of timeframe. He later expanded on this initial comment to include CTF and "basically all modes" on the table for making a return.

One puzzling element of his response was the following statement: "The short-medium term fix is just making sure those modes can show up again." This did not indicate any reasoning as to why the modes were not featured. No Limits has not been one of the available cards in the Arcade for several months. A later comment by Mr. Kaplan clarified that they "made it go away" because it is isn't a balanced game mode. In particular, he emphasized how some players might find facing a six stack of D.Va or other characters not very fun.

There are a number of Arcade modes that have been sitting long dormant. CTF, Elimination, Team Elimination, No Limits, and the variety of Brawls just haven't made it into the rotation. One possible solution is to increase the number of cards shown on the Arcade, but Mr. Kaplan stated that that particular solution would not be possible in the short term, either. One way or another, it looks like we'll be seeing things in the Overwatch Arcade get mixed up a little bit at some point in the future - hopefully sooner rather than later.

What's your favorite Arcade mode in Overwatch? Do you think the developers should prioritize increasing the number of available game modes? Which game mode do you think they should remove entirely? Let us know in the comments below!

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