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Published: July 2, 2015 3:52 PM /


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Some games, despite their quality and good review scores, never get into the spotlight like they may have deserved. But some of these games are given a second chance when they come over to new platforms, such as Valkryia Chronicles from last year. This time around the candidate for an old classic coming to Steam is the classic GameCube title: Tales of Symphonia. While there is no specific date mentioned for its release in 2016, Bandai Namco seems to be listening to fans that have been wanting the game released to the PC platform. It does have a listing on Steam as of today.

An underrated gem of it's time finally makes it's return.
An underrated gem of it's time finally makes it's return.

While the game was ported to the Playstation 2 and 3, it's the first time the game will be coming to the PC with an HD coat of paint on it. Based on a blog post on the Tales site, the game is being offered along with the upcoming Tales of Zestiria as a pre-order bonus along with other content related to that game. The pre-order information is divided into steps for that game however, and it is unclear how many pre-orders would be required to unlock the third step. There is no pre-order for the HD version by itself, however.

An interesting choice of a pre order for the new game of the series.
An interesting choice of a pre order for the new game of the series.

For those unfamiliar with the game, one of the unique aspects of Tales of Symphonia involves the Unison gauge, which fills based on damage inflected to the enemy. A Unison attack can be triggered when the gauge is full, allowing the party to use techniques simultaneously on an enemy, and can result in special attacks if the right ones are combined. The game is one of the most successful Tales games to date, selling 1.6 million copies on the original platforms up to 2008. Several publications have given the game high praise, including the 24th best GameCube game of all time from Game Informer, and the IGN's users 75th best game of all time in 2008.

Have you played Tales of Symphonia, and are you excited for an HD remake of the game? Does the game's inclusion into the Tales of Zestiria pre-order sway you at all to get that game?


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