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Published: April 16, 2019 10:51 PM /


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While there were rumors for a Nintendo Direct last week this evening a new Super Smash Bros Ultimate focused video dropped onto Nintendo's YouTube account. With absolutely no fanfare Nintendo has dropped information on upcoming DLC fighter Joker, as well as other new features coming to Smash Bros Ultimate.

The video opened with a character showcase for Joker of Persona 5. While in his game he can recruit and create any Persona mixed into his attacks we see him summon Arsene, his canonical Persona. If you want to see his attacks, his new counter/reflect, and the Phantom Thieves joining in on his Final Smash be sure to check out the footage. Accompanying Joker's release will be a stage for Mementos, the palace made up of the general public's desires. To keep with the style of Persona 5 the color of the stage will change according to the game the music is being played from.

The following tracks will be available on the Mementos stage:

  • Persona 5
    • Last Surprise
    • Beneath the Mask (New Arrangement)
    • Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There
    • Rivers in the Desert
    • Our Beginning
  • Persona 4
    • Reach Out To The Truth
    • I'll Face Myself (New Arrangement)
    • Time To Make History
  • Persona 3
    • Mass Destruction
    • Battle Hymn of the Soul
    • Arias of the Soul (New Arrangement)
As the battle progresses and Joker takes damage or guards with his Down B he will build up his rebellion gauge. When it maxes out Arsene will join Joker and help to beef up all of his moves. Moves like Gun will upgrade to Gun Special firing three bullets instead of one and his Up B will change from a grappling hook to flying with Arsene's wings. Arsene himself is also completely invulnerable so you don't need to worry about a second body being present. Joker will be playable tomorrow on April 17th and will also come with a Joker route in Classic mode and a DLC spirit board.

smash ultimate mii costume
While it might not be the main man himself it's a good look for the Mii Fighter

There will be new Mii Fighter costumes allowing you to dress your fighters up with a Morgana hat from Persona 5. Ryu outfit and Teddie hat from Persona 4, and the protagonist outfit from Persona 3. In an unexpected turn Gunner will also get an outfit for Tails the Fox while the Brawler will be getting to dress up as Knuckles. These costumes will be available for 75 cents each.

With the 3.0 free update for Super Smash Bros Ultimate stage builder mode is returning. Using the touch screen you can draw your own levels as well as draw paths for moving platforms. New stage hazards and layers can be added allowing you to give your levels depth. A new Custom tab will appear on the stage select screen.

smash ultimate video editor
This actually looks like pretty much everything someone would want to start with...

For those who want to start working on their next highlight reel, a video editor has been built into the game. You can take your saved replays and snap them all together to show off some of your best, or worst, moments. You have the ability to copy, split and delete your clips giving you full functionality. Music, subtitles, and transitions can also be added to your videos. After you've exported your video you can share it through Smash Ultimate. This not only allows you to share your own stages and videos but you can download others as well.

With the update to sharing through the game itself, the Smash World smartphone app is also being updated to allow you to view videos and screenshots. Filter options include searching by user or fighter in case you want to pick up some extra strategy. Anything that you mark for download will be available on your Switch the next time you load it up.

What do you think of all of the changes being added to Ultimate in 3.0? Are you excited to get your hands on Joker? Who do you want the next DLC character to be?

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