Sunless Skies Hoarder Update Adds New Upgrades, New Relay, And More

Published: September 13, 2019 9:45 AM /


sunless skies

Failbetter Games has released a new update for narrative-focused roguelike Sunless Skies. The Hoarder update adds some new mechanics, new crew, and more.

First up, all locomotives now have engines you can equip. You can upgrade these engines to increase your speed, but it'll cost fuel. Better engines require more crew members, and the best engines grant access to a new Full Steam Mode. If you engage this mode, you'll travel significantly faster, but you'll also consume a huge amount of fuel and you won't be able to turn or maneuver as easily. Failbetter recommends you use this mode to travel to places you've already been to rather than using it to explore the unknown.

Sunless Skies is also getting a new relay in the Hoarder update. The Albion-Eleutheria transit relay requires you to complete a new quest which the dev describes as "costly, perilous, and demanding". Once you've finished it, though, you'll gain access to a new relay that will directly link the regions of Albion and Eleutheria. This relay will be available to all future captains once you've completed the quest, so you won't need to worry about dying and losing your progress.

Also new is the titular Chiropterous Hoarder. Failbetter says this new quartermaster crew member is "a winged horror of profound cunning and unreliable manners". The Hoarder is rumored to be one of the Masters of Old London and is a peddler of immortality. Its questline involves chasing down a new method of prolonging life. Along the way, you may befriend the Hoarder, or - according to Failbetter - you "might become more".

There's plenty more stuff in the Sunless Skies Hoarder update, so make sure you check out the full patch notes to learn everything that's new. Still on the fence about getting the game? Why not take a look at our review?

Are you looking forward to playing the new Hoarder content in Sunless Skies? Let us know in the comments below!

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