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Sunless Skies Vagabond Update Announced - New Stories And More

May 11, 2019 12:21 PM

By: Joseph Allen


Failbetter Games has announced a new update for Sunless Skies. The Vagabond update will bring new stories, a new officer to recruit, and plenty more. It'll launch on June 12th.

First up, the titular Amiable Vagabond joins the ranks of recruitable officers in Sunless Skies. Failbetter describes this fellow as "a gentleman of the skies (and no fixed abode)". With the Vagabond's aid, you'll search for the skylarks, a community of wanderers who roam the skies. They're looking for the fabled Sugarspun Garden, and it's your duty to help them find it. That's if it even exists at all, of course.


The Vagabond update also includes more stories. You can learn more about the horrors and wonders the sky holds including the Xanthous Moon and the Regent's Tears. There will be more agents to encounter, as well as more discoveries to be made during your voyage. Failbetter is also teasing "something new in the mists of Worlebury", although we're not sure exactly what that is yet. You'll find out when the update drops next month.

After the Vagabond Update, Failbetter is switching its focus from events and encounters to gameplay tweaks. The studio is looking at Sunless Skies' character progression (with particular emphasis on the mid and late game), user interface, survival, and journey times. If you'd like to keep up with development on Sunless Skies, you can follow Failbetter on Steam or Twitter. There's also the studio's official Discord channel.


Sunless Skies is a horror roguelike RPG from British studio Failbetter Games. It's a sequel to the studio's 2015 title Sunless Sea and is set ten years after the events of that game. Players control a captain of an interplanetary vehicle, exploring and discovering the world around them through narrative text screeds. We liked Sunless Skies a fair bit. If you do too, you can grab the Vagabond update for the game on June 12th.

Are you looking forward to the Sunless Skies Vagabond update? Let us know in the comments below!

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