Sunless Skies Guide to Eleutheria and the Blue Kingdom

Last Update: October 4, 2020


eleutheria and blue kingdom tips

Run out of things to do in Albion already? No worries, we've got you covered. Our Eleutheria tips and the Blue Kingdom tips will help you survive the last two regions of Sunless Skies that are open for your exploration. Just like Albion and the Reach, each brings a different aesthetic and its own unique set of challenges to the High Wilderness. Unlike The Reach and Albion, however, these two zones get a bit odd. So, if you're looking for some help in successfully navigating these regions, buckle up! We've got you covered.



Sunless Skies Eleutheria Tips Blue Kingdom Tips Transit Relay
And away we go!


Eleutheria Tips and Blue Kingdom Tips

1. Eleutheria and the Blue Kingdom are expensive, much more so than the Reach or even Albion. When you head out, make sure you have enough sovereigns stocked up to start quests and purchase Bargains so you can start making money.

2. Suit up your locomotive with some the upgrades from Eleutheria and the Blue Kingdom as soon as you start your journey there, otherwise you’re going to end up crushed like a tin can in a compactor before you have a chance to sneeze.

3. Hull is more difficult to repair in Eleutheria and Blue Kingdom, make sure you’re in tact before setting off. You’ll need specific Gratitude and Mysteries in order to repair it in both major ports, not money. Keep an eye on your hull as you journey and plan your route around it if necessary. Don’t forget to suit up with extra armour and plating if need be, and remember that these do not start out filled with Hull Points when you initially equip them.



Sunless Skies Eleutheria Tips Blue Kingdom Tips Rocks
That doesn't look ominous at all.


Eleutheria Tips

4. One of our most important Elutheria tips: pick your faction very carefully. Don’t forget that it doesn’t just affect who will help you, but who will become your enemies. You also don’t have to pick a faction if you don’t want to, but certain storylines won’t open until you do. If you pick a faction as one Captain you can always go and pick a different one the next time around.

5. Keep an eye out for Hermits, they can grant you Eleutherian Mysteries and can be easy to find. Easier at least, to find a handful of hermits than to keep slogging Port Reports back and forth multiple times, though Port Reports help too.

6. You can turn your front light on and off as needed, but without it, Terror will rise more quickly. If you encounter enemies who attack based on whether your light is on or off, switching it will not suddenly make you invisible to them. In fact, it seems to make them more pissed off.

7. Not all enemies will make themselves known, particularly in Eleutheria. Some are camouflaged and some pop right out of thin air, so be on your guard. Enemies that are camouflaged can be snuck past, if you do it correctly. Unfortunately, nothing stops giant screaming skeletons from falling out of midair at you.



Sunless Skies Eleutheria Tips Blue Kingdom Tips Stone-Faced Court
Yeah, you might wanna try and avoid those.


Blue Kingdom Tips

8. Those giant sigils that keep trying to murder you in the Blue Kingdom? They have a very specific attack pattern. Once you figure it out, that makes it much easier to defeat them. They do lurk all around the Kingdom, not just in one specific area and have a large amount of hit points, so be ready for battle at any time.

9. Your status of being deceased (or not) controls where you can go and what you can do in the Blue Kingdom. Scout out different ports first before taking the plunge. Each status opens up new and different opportunities for you.


Ready for your flight now? If you're not quite ready to make the jump to Eleutheria and the Blue Kingdom yet, check out our guide for advanced players! Or, for some of our more basic tips, check out our Sunless Skies Beginner's Guide.

What do you think of our Blue Kingdom tips and Eleutheria tips for Sunless Skies? What should every player know about the game to succeed? Let us know in the comments below!

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