Step Into the Scrolls-Like, Hand Crafted World of All Hail Temos Soon

What's the fun in being the chosen one? Be the not-so-chosen one and decide where your path leads in the upcoming action RPG, All Hail Temos

Published: August 23, 2022 5:51 PM /


All Hail Temos Header image that shows the title of the game in bright golden letters across the center of the screen, with a character of the game standing off to the right hand side looking off into the fantasy world that is the game.

From solo developer Geoffrey Howland comes an Elder Scrolls-like game called All Hail Temos. This action RPG will be heading to the masses very soon, so what exactly is in store for us in the fantasy land?

Players will begin their journey into the open world with no main story quest. Rather, you begin by completing an array of deep and intricate side quests that allow you to choose your very own objectives. This means that your choices in-game will have consequences, some of which may be dire. The world within All Hail Temos does not progress on its own, the game will progress and move forward based on your decisions. Each time you choose a certain action throughout the dialogue, you will watch as the world seamlessly blends and adapts to the consequences of your actions. 

All Hail Temos Gameplay Screenshot that shows you looking through the eyes of the main character, staring at what seems to be an angry fellow villager working at a trading post within a desert-like city.

On the other hand, the NPCs in this game work entirely on their own set schedules, which you may come accustomed to. But, you will notice that if you trigger a key point within your chosen story, the NPCs will also shift with your changes, and create a new set of autonomous schedules and actions. Not only will the NPCs change, but the entire area you once knew may also completely change, so make sure to choose your fate carefully. The game does feature trading and economy systems, but the majority of your gameplay will be centered around the decisions you make throughout your endeavor. 

All Hail Temos features several endings that you are able to reach by changing your actions and dialogue each time you play through, which means the replayability factor seems promising. All of the dialogue doesn't just connect aimlessly to the same result either, the dialogue will branch out in all types of different directions depending on what action you choose or choice you make. More so, as you select these different choices available, other choices down the line may no longer be available to you due to the morphing of the entire world around you. 

Room in All Hail Temos With Statues Around It

The world you will see before you is not created by algorithms that follow a certain code, but rather a simulation of a sentient fantasy world that follows a very strict schedule. This includes things like the day and night cycles, weather conditions, and creatures you see. All of these different aspects follow their own set schedule that will only change when you make one of those key point choices we mentioned earlier. This not only adds depth to the game but keeps things consistently fresh and brand new throughout each playthrough. 

All Hail Temos will be available on Steam for Early Access in the Fall of 2022. 

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