Stationeers Trading Update Brings Big Changes To Traders

A new Stationeers trading update is here, and this one's bringing some pretty seismic changes to traders and how they work.

Published: February 1, 2023 8:32 AM /


A spaceperson looking a little shifty on a space station in Stationeers

Another major Stationeers trading update is upon us, and this one revolves entirely around who the game's traders are and what they have to trade. RocketWerkz is calling this update a "complete overhaul" to traders, so if it's been a while since you played Stationeers, you might want to head back in to see what's changed.

Since Stationeers launched in Early Access back in 2017, it's received many updates to its core mechanics, bringing features like automated mining and overhauling genetics, among other things. This latest update is an ambitious one; it switches traders from programmatic generation to fully hand-crafted systems.

What does this mean in a practical sense? Well, according to RocketWerkz, traders will now only trade basic goods and won't trade fully manufactured items. Traders will now also sell and buy different kinds of items based on what makes sense to them; for instance, the alloy trader "All Alloys" sells alloys, as you might expect, but they'll be most interested in buying ore rather than alloys.

The new interface for trading in the Stationeers trading update
The Stationeers trading update comes complete with an overhaul to the trading interface.

To accommodate this change, RocketWerkz has implemented a brand new UI for trading which should make it a little easier to see exactly what you're doing. Two new landing pad modules are also making it possible to load gas and water into landing pad storage and sell it to traders. 

This is the penultimate trading update for Stationeers; there's one more on the way that will "finalize and polish the trading game loop". Traders in that update will have differing size and environmental requirements, which will in turn encourage you to build multiple landing pads so that you can accommodate these requirements.

You can pick up Stationeers right now on Steam, where it's in Early Access. It's a pretty hardcore space station sim where you'll need to pay attention to things like atmosphere, power management, and gravitational systems; the devs themselves describe Stationeers as an "exceptionally complex game". It'll cost you $34.99.

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