Stationeers Update Lets You Fully Automate Mining

Published: September 20, 2022 9:34 AM /


A character exploring the surface of a planet and checking up on systems in Stationeers

A new Stationeers update has been released, and it's bringing some exciting new features to the Early Access space sim. These include the ability to completely automate your mining, as well as a new type of centrifuge, extra chutes, and even a player-made mod turned into an official feature.

What's in this latest Stationeers update?

First up, this new Stationeers update is adding new mechanics that let you automate late-game mining processes. The Deep Miner is a new machine that drills deep into terrain and produces Dirty Ore at a rate of 10 ore every minute and a half. Dirty Ore will then be transformed into regular ore through processing.

As well as the Deep Miner, centrifuges have received a minor rework in this Stationeers update. The existing centrifuge will now process one item at a time off a stack, and there's a new type of centrifuge that can spin much faster than the regular device thanks to a combustion engine at its core. 

The new Deep Miner machine in the Stationeers update
The Deep Miner in the latest Stationeers update should make things easier for your mining endeavors.

To complement these new mining additions, a number of new chutes have also been added that, according to developer RocketWerkz, "provide vital missing functionality". These include valve chutes, an overflow chute, and "flip flop" chutes that switch between outputs each time items pass through them.

As you might expect, Stationeers mods are thick on the ground, and one of them has been incorporated into this latest update. A mod created by user Jixxed adds a day count for how old your current save is, and the Stationeers devs have thoughtfully integrated Jixxed's mod into the main game, crediting them in the process. That's stand-up behavior in my book. You can read the full Stationeers patch notes here, if you'd like.

What is Stationeers?

Stationeers is a base-building sim that puts you in charge of constructing and maintaining your very own space station. Originally announced at EGX Rezzed 2017, the game simulates various complex systems, tasking you with understanding and mastering the interactions between these systems. This is not a game for the faint of heart.

A station decked out in red and featuring various facilities in Stationeers
Stationeers is very much a game for the simulation faithful.

You can check out Stationeers right now on Steam, where it's currently in Early Access. It'll set you back $29.99. If you're tired of waiting for Kerbal Space Program 2 to release and you're looking for a space sim that lets you tinker with all manner of station components, then this is the game for you. We'll bring you more on Stationeers as we get it.


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