State of the Game: 29/01/2018 to 4/02/2018

Gaming article by David Klemke on Monday, February 19, 2018 - 10:17
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Today on State of the Game we'll take a look at the games released on Steam between the 29th of January to the 4th of February this year. Compared to last week, which finally broke out of the holiday season lull, this week is a little quieter on the stats front. There are still a few medium-sized releases to mull over though as well as a few items in the trending section which are worth looking into. Without further ado let's dive into this week's stats!

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, whilst second in average players, takes the top spot for the most played game this week. This is because that on average players spent twice as much time in-game when compared to Battalion 1944. This remake saw very positive reviews when it was released on PlayStation 4 last year so it's not surprising that the PC version saw much the same.

Battalion 1944, which comes to us from the same developers as The Turing Test (which you may not expect at first glance), comes in at second. The Steam reviews haven't been kind to it but it has managed to hold onto about half of its average concurrent players; about average for most games. It's in Early Access for now so time will tell if future content updates and improvements can improve its review score.

Cortex Command managed to attract an absolutely astonishing amount of new players with its free weekend. This also came hand in hand with a 25% discount for their newly released game Planetoid Pioneers, however, it seems like that has had little effect on its launch. Indeed it seems their latest release, even with the hype that was generated with the free weekend, is barely managing to attract 50 players at any one time. Just goes to show that even the biggest hype machine can fail to produce results.

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