State of the Game: 01/05/2017 to 07/05/2017

Published: May 22, 2017 11:40 AM /


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Today on State of the Game we'll be covering the first week of May. The steady increase in top level stats we'd seen over the past few weeks has come to an end with most of them down from the previous week. The total number of releases is well above the recent average however that hasn't translated into more players in games. The notable exception to this is the average hours played which is significantly up over the 4 weeks prior.

Prey is this week's top release by a very wide margin, the next closest title some two orders of magnitude lower in terms of players during the week. Compared to similar AAA titles the numbers are a little on the low side, something which could very well be attributed to the publisher's decision to withhold review copies until its official release. The data seems to support that view somewhat as the average player count held steady for almost 2 weeks and it managed to take the top spot in the UK sales charts in its second week. In terms of hours played though it's above par and, considering that the average first playthrough is about 15 hours or so it shows that a good portion of the people who bought it also completed it in the first week.

As is the case with most single big release weeks the regional data paints quite a mixed picture. Whilst the top game is the same across the board the rest show little coherency. It'd be easy to use this data to draw conclusions about the different regions but the mixed results are more likely due to the small sample sizes more than anything else.

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