Star Trek: Bridge Crew Updated, No Longer A VR-Exclusive

Published: December 23, 2017 10:00 AM /


star trek bridge crew original enterprise bridge

Ubisoft has updated Star Trek: Bridge Crew to not require a VR headset. Previously, the game would only function with an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or PlayStation VR unit. The new patch also adds support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets, which combine virtual reality and augmented reality (AR).

“One of the most common things we’ve heard from the community is that they want to play with friends who don’t own a virtual reality headset”, said game director Brian Tate in a developer diary video. “At its heart, Bridge Crew has always been a social experience about bringing people together to fly a starship. And now, we’ve removed one of the barriers to that.”
Tate also notes in the video that the game has been enhanced graphically, allowing for sharper visuals both in and outside of VR. The enhancements are made with non-VR setups in mind, but Tate said they will work if you have a high-end PC. His comments specifically mention the Windows version, implying that the graphical update will not be present in the PlayStation 4 version.
“We do have some additional cool things coming for Star Trek: Bridge Crew beyond this non-VR update, we’re not quite ready to announce them yet, but we believe players will be really excited when we do, so stay tuned” said Senior Creative Director David Votypka.

Quick Take

It’s good to see that Ubisoft is continuing to update and enhance Bridge Crew. However, right now, the game only has the USS Aegis (set in the Star Trek 2009 alternate timeline) and the Enterprise from the original series as options. I hope that the future updates include other ships such as the Enterprise-D/E, Defiant, Voyager, NX-01 Enterprise, and Discovery. The game has plenty of room to grow by taking material from other entries in the Star Trek Franchise.

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