Sons of Valhalla Invites You to Build A Fortress and Besiege Others

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Sons of Valhalla

Sons of Valhalla is a strategic base-building strategy title where players can raid and conquer across England and one of the three strategy titles that Hooded Horse announce as part of their PAX East event. The other two strategy games are Capital Command, a sci-fi strategy title where players can upgrade and customize their ship, and Espiocracy, which is a grand strategy game that puts players in charge of an intelligence agency during the Cold War. Let's go over them all, shall we?

Sons of Valhalla is set in the Viking Age

In Sons of Valhalla, players will be able to build fortresses while also laying siege to enemy strongholds. Players will be sent on a quest for revenge as Thorald Olavson when his village and burned down and his love captured by Valgard, as Viking Jarl. Longboats will be filled with both warriors and siege weapons as you build and fortify your settlements while taking others as your own in true Viking fashion.

Capital Command has epic space battles and customizable ships

Capital Command is a space simulator that puts players in charge of a capital ship that's in the far reaches of space and pitted against a mysterious threat. The AI in charge of the local defense platforms has gone rogue, and only you can restore order and stop this threat. To do so, players will play through a free-form campaign that pits players against 13 ship types that the rogue AI has under its control. To win, clever tactics are essential, as you're constantly outnumbered and fighting against a ruthless enemy that can come at you from all sides.

Espiocracy puts players in control of an intelligence agency during the Cold War

Espiocracy is a grand strategy title that takes place at the beginning of the Cold War. Players will be able to use tools such as agents, propaganda, proxy wars, assassinations, and coups. While you can choose America or the Soviet Union and re-enact the Cold War, there's up to 74 countries that can be chosen from. Players will be able to target and manipulate individuals, organizations, and sectors that are geopolitically active. Some actors will be more or less influential, but that can be part of the fun as players can choose a less powerful nation and see how they can change the course of the world.

For more information on Sons of Valhalla, Capital Command, and Espiocracy, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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