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Ex Vivo Studios
Hooded Horse
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Espiocracy is a grand strategy title that takes place at the beginning of the Cold War. Players will be able to use tools such as agents, propaganda, proxy wars, assassinations, and coups. While you can choose America or the Soviet Union and re-enact the Cold War, there's up to 74 countries that can be chosen from. Players will be able to target and manipulate individuals, organizations, and sectors that are geopolitically active. Some actors will be more or less influential, but that can be part of the fun as players can choose a less powerful nation and see how they can change the course of the world.

Espiocracy is coming to PC whenever it's ready.

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Espiocracy is an espionage grand strategy game where you lead the intelligence agency of one of 74 playable countries. Rewrite history from the shadows as you influence ideologies, stage coups, and wage proxy wars. Subterfuge takes center stage as you establish a new world order.