SNES Classic To be Sold Through 2018, NES Classic Returning in 2018

Gaming article by Robert N. Adams on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 09:39
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Good news for people out to get a SNES Classic Edition: Nintendo has announced via a press release that they have increased shipments of their miniature retro console packed with Super Nintendo games. Furthermore, Europe will also be receiving additional shipments of the console according to Nintendo of Europe's Twitter.

Nintendo has produced more SNES Classic Edition units thanks to increased demand for the product. There will be more retro SNES consoles available on the September 29th launch day than the all of the NES Classic Editions that were shipped to stores last year. This won't be a one-off shipment, either - Nintendo will be regularly sending out additional shipments in order to keep a healthier supply of units out there for customers.

Furthermore, the SNES Classic Edition will be shipped to stores through 2018. The Japanese-based video game hardware and software developer had originally intended to cease shipments of the miniature console at the end of 2017. Nintendo has not stated when exactly the shipments will be stopping in 2018. The SNES Classic will have 21 games including Super Mario WorldCastlevania IV, and Donkey Kong Country.

As for its older brother, the NES Classic Edition will be making a return in Summer 2018. The NES Classic Edition has 30 games including Super Mario Bros.Final Fantasy, and Ice Climbers. Both consoles plug into a television using a standard HDMI port and they come with two controllers and all of the necessary cables.

What do you think of Nintendo increasing shipments of the SNES Classic Mini and extending the shipping window into 2018? Do you think they are doing enough to avert the shortages that were an issue with the NES Classic Mini? Will you be purchasing one of these tiny retro throwbacks or will you be waiting for the (probably) inevitable Nintendo 64 Classic Mini? Let us know in the comments below!

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