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NES Classic Edition Articles

SNES Controller

SNES Classic To be Sold Through 2018, NES Classic Returning in 2018

Good news for people out to get a SNES Classic Edition: Nintendo has announced via a press release that they have increased shipments of their miniature retro console packed with…

Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition SNES

[Updated] Walmart Cancelling SNES Classic Pre-Orders Due to Error

Update 7/26/17: Walmart has confirmed that every SNES Classic pre-order will be cancelled. Those who pre-ordered the SNES Classic from Walmart should be getting an email regarding the cancellation. Some…

Famicom Mini Box

Nintendo Isn’t Making Anymore Famicom Minis For Now

Retro gamers around the globe rejoiced when Nintendo launched their throwback NES and Famicom systems on the market letting gamers relive some of their most nostalgic gaming experiences. Recently Nintendo…

Famicom Mini Box

Message to Hackers Found in Famicom Mini

Within days of hackers revealing a way to extend the included collection of games on the NES Classic Edition, a Reddit user has posted a message discovered within the Japanese…

NES Classic Edition Preview Image

[Updated] Nintendo Calms Fears About Low Stocked NES Classic Editions

Update: Toys’Я’us opened up online orders for the NES Classic Edition once again yesterday. Late last night emails went out to those who ordered initially letting customers know that their orders would…