Slime Rancher Mochi's Megabucks 1.2 Update Arrives on March 13

Published: March 3, 2018 5:58 PM /



Monomi Park's delightfully adorable slime-based game, Slime Rancher, will soon have another new area for players to explore and another new set of slimes to collect in the upcoming Mochi's Megabucks update. Scheduled for a March 13 release, the update apparently revolves around speed, which is a word that you usually don't associate with slime, fictional or otherwise.

In any case, the new area is rather appropriately dubbed Nimble Valley, a forested and mountainous region owned by Mochi Miles and populated by elusive Quicksilver Slimes. Unlike the rest of their brethren in Slime Rancher, Quicksilver Slimes are a unique Slime variant that can zip around the terrain, capable of matching and even surpassing your own movement speed. Fortunately, Miles will provide you with specialized vac-tech that can help you catch Quicksilver Slimes, including an ability to shoot adhesive bubbles. Should you capture a Quicksilver Slime, it should be noted that they feed on electricity.

Slime Rancher's Mochi Megabucks update will also bring an overhaul of the 5-Day Rush mode, which will be simply called Rush Mode. Like its predecessor, Rush mode revolves around obtaining as many Newbucks as possible in a given period of time. However, you will be able to extend this period of time in Rush mode via "smart, efficient play," with a few bonuses in the world that should give you an incentive to explore. 5-Day Rush leaderboard records will be preserved as Rush Mode scores are tracked separately.

After the Mochi Megabucks update is released, Monomi Park will be working on at least two other updates that revolve around science. The aptly named Automatic Update (v1.3.0) and Viktor's Experimental Update (v1.4.0) will bring expensive maintenance drones and virtual experiments to Slime Rancher. In addition, Iron Rancher Mode will be debuted in Viktor's Experimental Update, giving experienced players a chance to experience a different, more challenging side of Slime Rancher filled with unique challenges, rules, and vampiric chickens, among other things. Unsurprisingly, you will have to race "against the clock to collect quotas of various plorts across multi-day rounds."

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