Siralim, a recent rogue-lite, gets an update on Steam

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A recent update for the RPG rogue-lite Siralim makes changes to the game's graphics and user interface, while also making changes to the game's spells and abilities. The update, Siralim v2.0.15, changes fifty features in total and 14 bugs and crash issues. It was released on May 3rd.

Siralim, which was initially launched on Steam on April 24 of this year, is the debut game by independent development company Thylacine Studios LLC. On their website, Thylacine Studios prides itself on not making their game "pay-to-win" and for not making the game available for Steam Early Access.

"Our business' risk should never be passed on to our customers. We are responsible for our own success and this forces us to produce only the highest quality of games," says an official statement on the company's website.

The approach seems to have gone well with gamers, as the game currently holds a "very positive" rating on Steam with 54 reviews.

Possibly the most important change made in the update is a series of bug and crash fixes. The game now has a safety check to prevent enemies from spawning outside the boundaries of the dungeons. While some players may have previously noticed a black line going down the screen at certain points of the game, one of v2.0.15's fixes prevent that line from appearing.

Among other general changes, Siralim v2.0.15 includes 61 added Steam achievements and a new crafting material. (Crafting materials are used to "enchant" your artifacts, allowing you to choose which stats and abilities of those artifacts you would like to increase.) Reincarnation mode now allows you to resurrect your nether creatures as new nether creatures but with the same gem/orb enchantments of the old ones. Nether creatures also keep their bonuses granted from Pills in this game mode.

Of the 50 non-bug related changes made in v2.015, 19 of them relate to the 'abilities' section. Abilities like Rain of Embers, which previously decreased %10 of the maximum health of every enemy on the field, now decreases enemies' health by %60 of your character's spell power. Meanwhile the ability Resin, which used to affect a random enemy by dealing damage equal to %35 of the enemy's maximum health, now deals damage equal to %75 of the enemy's attack power.

Will this update help improve the Siralim experience? Have you played Siralim with the v2.0.15 update? How was it? Let us know in the comments section.

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