New Sengoku Dynasty Trailer Zeroes In On Hunting Systems

Published: July 24, 2023 10:29 AM /


A boy aiming a bow at some barrel targets in Sengoku Dynasty

Toplitz and Superkami have released a new Sengoku Dynasty trailer, and this one is all about hunting.

The new trailer is part of a series called "Pillars of the Rising Sun", which began earlier this month with a spotlight on the Bell Tower building and also featured a look at housing systems.

Now, though, it's time to look at how you're going to keep your village fed and clothed, and it turns out that one way you can do this is by hunting wildlife.

In this new trailer, we're introduced to the various kinds of wildlife you can hunt in Sengoku Dynasty, including skittish hares, cunning red foxes, and dangerous wild boars.

Some animals are passive and won't attempt to fight you, but others, like the aforementioned boars, are vicious and will rush you if they spot you. It'll be up to you to keep your cool in those situations.

Successfully killing an animal will give you access to meat, furs, and trophies which you can take back to your village. Make sure to use any meat you have before it spoils, though, or your hunt will have been in vain.

You can also build a Hunter's Hut, which will allow you to order your villagers to hunt for you, thus increasing the amount of supplies you'll have access to.

Your hunting weapons will have to be crafted from scratch, and you can then practice using them on the archery targets in your village, making sure that you won't miss the crucial shot when the time comes.

Sengoku Dynasty launches for PC via Steam Early Access on August 10th.

Like Medieval Dynasty and Wild West Dynasty before it, Sengoku Dynasty is an open-world survival RPG in which you'll build and maintain a village, defending it from threats and overseeing its growth and development. Stay tuned for more news on Toplitz's latest survival sim.


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