Sengoku Dynasty Brings Open-World Feudal Japan To Life Next Month

Published: July 12, 2023 8:10 AM /


Traditional Japanese torii with a fox in the middle in Sengoku Dynasty

Toplitz Productions and developer Superkami have announced an Early Access release date for their upcoming feudal Japanese sim RPG Sengoku Dynasty. The game is landing on Steam Early Access on August 10th, and to commemorate the announcement, the two studios have also released a new trailer.

Over the last few weeks, Toplitz and Superkami have shown off Sengoku Dynasty's different types of houses and introduced one of the buildings you can construct in the form of the Bell Tower. It'll soon be time to get to grips with building those very structures, and the latest Sengoku Dynasty trailer is an altogether briefer one, showing varied types of gameplay.

In the trailer, we see a blacksmith working in his forge, as well as the player chopping down trees, hunting animals, and constructing buildings. We also get to see some of the beautiful visuals Sengoku Dynasty has to offer, with feudal Japanese villages, cherry blossom trees, and verdant forests all on display.

If you've missed out on Sengoku Dynasty, it's part of Toplitz's loose Dynasty series, which is part city-builder, part RPG, and part life sim. Other games in the series include Medieval Dynasty and Wild West Dynasty, and as you can imagine, each takes you to a different setting to build a life for yourself.

Sengoku Dynasty's Early Access phase is set to last for "about a year", according to Toplitz and Superkami. At launch, the game will offer "hours of exploration, crafting, and resource-gathering", and it'll also support solo play or co-op, so if you've got some friends who want to share the adventure with you, be sure to grab them for the Early Access launch.

You'll be able to play Sengoku Dynasty when it launches on PC via Steam Early Access on August 10th. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more news on this one.


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