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Rhythm games have been around for almost as long as home consoles have been. From PaRappa the Rapper on the original PlayStation to plugging in a fake (or sometimes real) guitar for Rock Band or Rocksmith, timing button presses to a beat have been a great way to pair together gameplay and music. Tadpole Treble by BitFinity has you controlling a tadpole named Baton as you move through each level on a musical stave in order to get home to your own pond.

As the stave progresses along the screen, you use the direction keys to move up and down to avoid any of the obstacles that you might encounter, such as other fish or spiked balls. Over the course of each level the obstacles that you encounter also double as the musical score; by listening to the soundtrack and timing your movements you can move your tadpole out of harm's way. Tadpole Treble spans across thirteen levels and includes five boss battles. There is even a composition mode where you can use the different obstacles to create your own tracks that both you and your friends can play.

While playing you'll get to experience a variety of illustrated landscapes and musical styles (there's even the obligatory 8-bit level) as you try to get Baton home. As you can see in the video below, the game's visuals are stunning, and it really shows that one of the creative minds behind the title helmed a webcomic for years before taking on this project. This game is a fun experience for fans of musical games as well as those who enjoy level creation, encouraging everyone to make their own melodies. It might not be a game that has much replayability in the main story, but with leaderboards you can always try to continue climbing higher and higher.

Tadpole Treble was played on PC (Affiliate) via Steam with a code provided by the developers.

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