Rust Softcore Mode Update Released For Casual Players

Rust gets a new mode to make the game less brutal for players who want less constant death

Published: February 5, 2021 9:19 AM /



Known predominately for a hardcore PVP survival experience, Rust has received the new Rust Softcore mode that makes for a less brutal experience for players. The new Softcore mode is a new gamemode meant primarily for casual players as part of the Rust update for February 2021. To those that are worried, this doesn't mean that all of the servers will be switching from the traditional hardcore mode to Softcore mode, as right now the majority of servers will remain hardcore.

What is Different About Rust Softcore Mode?

  • When players are killed, they will now have the option of reclaiming half of their inventory either at where they died or by a reclaim terminal, which can be found at Bandit Town or the Outpost. Players will have to move fast for the latter, as items at a reclaim terminal will despawn after two hours.
  • All players can now spawn at Bandit Town or Outpost safe zones at any time as long as they aren't flagged as hostile.
  • You can only view the contents of a wounded player.
  • The maximum team size is four, which includes the number of people who can authorize at a Tool Cupboard or on an Autotorrent.

Ten servers will be running Softcore mode, and publisher and developer Facepunch studios will continue to iterate and improve on Softcore mode going forward. This won't be a one and done type of thing.

Players will also be able to use the Marketplace, which can be found at the Bandit Camp and Outpost monuments. They will allow players to orders items from vending machines and have them delivered by drone. Players will need to pay a delivery fee of 20 scrap for each trade made and wait for the drone to return with the items. This could take up to five minutes depending on how far the drone needs to travel.

For more information about the new update, check out the blogpost here. For more information about Rust, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.

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