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legacy of kain dead sun concept art

Legacy of Kain is an action-adventure series that debuted in 1996 on Playstation with Blood Omens: Legacy of Kain. The original games were ahead of their time, featuring upwards of 50 hours of gameplay and intense, mature stories of the vampire Kain, who seeks a cure for his curse. Over the years they have been several Legacy of Kain titles, including the MMO Nosgoth, a free-to-play title that was released last year. But between all these games were some that never actually made it into the hands of players. Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun by Climax Studios (Silent Hill: OriginsAssassin's Creed Chronicles) was cancelled by Square Enix in 2012, and since then details have sprung up about the lost title from concept art to story details. A user on NeoGAF with connections to staff who worked on the title has slowly revealed some of these details, most recently renders and concept art from the since abandoned title. 

legacy of kain dead sun render 2
A render supposedly from Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun.

The user also revealed some interesting story elements in 2015, including the more questionable decision to not include Kain himself in the game supposedly at the direction of Square Enix. It would also have a multiplayer mode which was being designed by Psyonix, the team who would instead complete NosgothDead Sun is not the only game in the franchise to be left for dead, and in fact Legacy of Kain has a peculiar history of abandoning projects and switching development teams. In fact even the original concept before Blood Omens was cancelled, allowing the teams to work together to make the project on the superior Playstation. Tensions during production of Blood Omens between the two teams, Silicon Knights and Crystal Dynamics, led to the cancellation of the direct sequel. Amy Hennig, who worked on the Soul Reaver games and several other Legacy of Kain titles left for Naughty Dog just before The Dark Prophecy begun production, another project that ended up scrappedProphecy actually had an extensive amount of work put into it during the short year it was in production, so it stands to wonder just how much is still under wraps about Dead Sun

There are currently no other titles officially announced for the Legacy of Kain series, and given its history if there was, development teams may be hesitant to announce it. But multiplayer titles like Nosgoth give fans of the series a way to enjoy the lore and spirit of the series at least for a while. 

legacy of kain dead sun story board
Concept art for Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun.


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