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[Rumor] Bully 2 Was Almost Announced at The Game Awards

December 13, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams


A new rumor states that Rockstar Games' Bully 2 was expected to be a surprise announcement at The Game Awards 2021, but it ended up getting held back for unknown reasons.

Rockstar Games has been busy dealing with the fallout from its disastrous launch of the GTA Trilogy. While it has since apologized for the gaffe, it still has a fair amount of work to do to bring it up to snuff. Surprisingly, this remaster of the HD-era GTA games might not have been the only project it was working on. A new report states that Bully 2 is not only in active development -- it's playable, too.


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What The Rumors Say About Bully 2

The Game Awards 2021 was jam-packed with cool announcements, but it may have ended up missing out on one of the most interesting reveals. According to games journalist Tom Henderson, "some people" had seen material relating to a possible Bully 2 announcement at The Game Awards.


"Bully 2 was expected as a potential surprise reveal at #TheGameAwards last week after some people have been shown some material alluding to a reveal soon," Henderson said in a tweet (via ResetEra). "Information is a bit blurry at the moment, and I have to be quite vague here, but if I hear more I will report on it."

Rumors of Bully 2 have been floating around for some time; Rockstar Games renewed its trademark for Bully earlier this year. More recently, there were rumors that the sequel had been canceled entirely, but nothing concrete has emerged just yet.


Surprisingly, though, this rumored Bully 2 The Game Awards announcement might not have been just a trailer -- it's possible that it could have shown actual gameplay.

"Some people saw a "Playable version" just a couple of weeks prior to TGA (not the canned version)," Henderson said in a follow-up tweet. "Like I said - Information is blurry atm. But I thought it was worth reporting on as there's something definitely "going on" to do with the series."

While Bully 2 is certainly a possibility, there has still not yet been any official confirmation of a sequel from Rockstar; as always, take such rumors with a grain of salt. Lest we forget, Rockstar Games had also made the surprising announcement that it was remastered some of the earlier GTA games back in October, so the trademark renewal could be related to a remaster rather than a sequel.

Whatever the case may be, it seems that Rockstar may be working on something related to the Bully franchise. Hopefully, we'll hear something more about it sooner rather than later.


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