RPG Dimday Red Announced at Gamescom 2022

Published: August 23, 2022 1:39 PM /


Dimday Red gameplay image showing main character Cillian's stats page, which shows his age, original sin, miseries and facets.

Get ready to party like it's the end of the world because it is! Both eNVy softworks and 1SickPuppy have announced during Gamescon 2022 that their interactive fiction RPG, Dimday Red, is currently in development. When will we see it? Hopefully, before the world burns to the ground as it hurls toward the sun.

In Dimday Red, you will embody a crafty assassin named Cillian, who works for the Syndicates. But alas, you realize it's getting much hotter than usual, almost as if your skin is burning. Well, that's because what you once knew as Earth is now the Fireball, and it is careening at breakneck speed towards the Sun.

Dimday Red gameplay image of Cillian making choices, where he rolls the dice and chooses to harm another civilian character, adding +2 harm to his traits

The closer it gets to the sun, the more chaos and dire consequences await. Your main goal is to save your partner Meg from the horrific fate that awaits your home planet. As you progress you will build on your traits, personality, and build relationships with others and make some pretty important choices. But, beware, every step you take could be your last if you don't choose your path carefully. With 42 trait cards available, customization won't be an issue. You are able to make Cillian exactly who you want him to be, for better or for worse.

Your fate and the fate of others are completely in your hands. You can choose to help those in need, or sit back and watch them slowly burn to ash. You can be sympathetic, or you can be a heartless killer. The choices are yours to make, and with multiple endings in the game to explore, you can test out different traits and methods to find out where they may lead you. Either way, the world is going to end, so make it worth your while by deciding who lives and who dies before the world completely explodes. Oh, and don't forget to keep your cool, literally. If you get too hot, you will burn alive, so make sure to manage your temperature levels wisely.

Though there is no release date set for the game currently, the devs say it will in fact make it to the players before the world ends. Head on over to the Dimday Red Steam page and add it to your wishlist, and read more about what the game has in store so far.


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