MultiVersus Tier List - Best and Worst Characters

Play as the best characters in @MultiVersus with this list. Who reigns as the king of the game and who's the pauper?

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Bugs Bunny and Harley Quinn as they appear in the platform fighting game MultiVersus

MultiVersus is the newest platform fighter to take over the gaming landscape, but because of that, it's become very competitive. Keeping an eye on a MultiVersus tier list would be best strategically for you as you can invest as much time as possible on the most valuable characters.

Here's who we think are the best and worst fighters to choose from in the MultiVersus roster as of August 2022.

MultiVersus Tier List - S Tier

Batman MultiVersus S Tier Rank

Batman is arguably one of the best characters in MultiVersus. Existing within the Top 8 teams of the EVO 2022 MultiVersus tournament, this Gotham hero is a strong character with great combo potential and efficient tools, like his grappling hook that can grab players from the opposite side of the arena and the bat bomb, which bounces a foe up in the air. 

Next, Bugs Bunny is the best Looney Tunes character in MultiVersus currently and was featured in the grand finals of EVO 2022's tournament for the game. He has so many options at his disposal. His powerful rocket can knock back opponents vertically or horizontally. He can also drop a safe down, which can be used as a way to block foes from entering the ring. His bat can also be strong as he can send foes flying in the air.

Lastly in this section is Finn. He has many options as he can collect coins to gain status upgrades. He can increase his team's move speed, give each member a shield, and then BMO can deliver a chop rather than you shopping. His sword attacks are wicked fast and his down + square attack (X button on Xbox) can break armor. He can also reflect projectiles with his adorable high five attack. 

MultiVersus Tier List - A Tier

Wonder Woman MultiVersus Tier List

Wonder Woman is a dark horse in the MultiVersus tier list as she won alongside Tom & Jerry in the MultiVersus EVO finals. Her sword strikes are quick, and the heroine is agile in the air. She can also utilize her Lasso of Truth, which can pull her allies from falling off the edge or set up her enemies for a combo as she takes them in, Scorpion style.Wonder Woman's soaring punch (input with a sideways triangle/Y) is also a great knockback move to take a stock off the opponent. Don't underestimate the Amazon heroine. 

Shaggy, the character who is seemingly equal in power to Dragon Ball's Goku, is still a strong option in the roster as an A-tier hero. His super saiyan-like antics makes his attacks an almost instant stock take if your opponent has a 70 and over percentage. In addition to his aggressive melee style, he also has a sandwich that can be thrown in an effective manner.

Superman is a great pick as well in the MultiVersus tier list. His attacks are a little obvious to track, but when they hit, your foe will be sent flying. His aerial grabs horizontally and vertically can confirm moves instantly if you input the direction correctly. His laser eyes can burn Superman's enemies and will dish out the ignite status, which does more damage over time when fulfilled. The Metropolis hero has many options at his disposal, making him one of the best characters in MultiVersus. 

MultiVersus Tier List - B Tier

Velma MultiVersus B Tier

Despite Velma being featured in the grand finals of the EVO 2022 tournament, she has been significantly rebuffed in an August update. Her air side special can't be used as an additional recovery anymore, and her weak stacks with the up air special have been limited by 1. Word bubbles can't travel through Bugs Bunny's tunnels anymore, making that team up less viable than before.

Velma's word bubbles has a reduced count as well in both the ground and air. However, she is still strong with those projectiles, and she can weaken a player (or heal her ally) with her motivational speaker ability. Her side combo is also strong with a great knockback at the end of it. It will be interesting to see where she stands in the tournament scene moving forward.

Arya is the next B-ranked character to discuss. She has short-ranged sword strikes that can be hard to land, but when they hit, they can be mighty. If you manage to strike foes from behind, you'll gain increased damage. She also spawns a pie that can offer healing and slows down enemies. Unfortunately, Arya doesn't have many knockback options, making her a less effective character in the roster. 

Tom & Jerry was part of the winning team of EVO 2022 and is an effective mage-type in battle. The cat's tennis racquet can reflect projectiles and cause a good knockback effect. The combo of mallet swings can be devastating. And then, Tom's paddle attack can be charged up while the cat's on the move, making for a fantastic way to uppercut a foe into the air. Tom's pounce can also break armor, so his teammate can go for the final hit into the side. 

Harley Quinn can send foes flying with her menagerie of weapons and abilities. She can set up bombs mid-air that will cause opponents to be bounced up, and her mallet when fully charged can be destructive in your enemy's hopes of winning. She can fire projectiles super fast, and because of this, she can ignite her foes quickly. 

Jake is the last B-ranked character to discuss on the list. He is slow, but the way this dog can extend its body can be helpful in MultiVersus. The range of his strikes like his axe is wide as well, letting him catch enemies easily. He can also spike his foes easily as you can input the direction of his inputs like a diagonal strike. Other than that, his other attacks are a bit weak, like his horse attack and his Kirby-like object that when hit causes very little knockback and damage.  

MultiVersus Tier List - C Tier

Garnet MultiVersus C Tier List

Garnet is a bruiser that fails to pack a punch. Her abilities are relatively slow, and she has less options than another fighter like Superman. To get some good strikes, you'll need to charge her attacks much longer than other hard hitters. And when you finally get some effective hits in, their knockback is relatively low, making Garnet a C-tier character in the MultiVersus tier list. However, she does have some maneuverability options with her Shocking Slam and can release a cool rocket fist in the air as a projectile.

Taz had a rough drop since his debut in the Open Beta phase. His spinning attack is far less effective at knocking out his victims and spat food causes less damage. The August patch has decreased the knockback even further from 1500 to 1350. Taz's move set is extremely close ranged as well, making his attacks and combos hard to hit, in comparison to other characters. Thankfully, his spat-out food and other special attacks still inflict a lot of the tasty status effect that, once full, will turn your opponent into a chicken.

Steven Universe is a defensive character that may have potential in the future. His shields can easily interrupt other players, but when used as a projectile, it blocks Steven's ability to combo off of it. His healing ability would be effective, but it's too slow and runs out far too early. It's a good thing though that there's a jelly baby that becomes a nuisance afterwards, however. 

Reindog is a good boy, but he is not as effective as others on the roster. He can pull his friends out of danger with his love leash, but it isn't used as much as you'd like in typical matches. The opportunity comes few and far between. In addition, his attacks aren't that effective as he's also a short-ranged character like Steven Universe. His fireballs can cause damage and can linger on the ground, but it feels more like a gimmick than an effective tool as it moves so slow across the air; it's also hard to aim.

LeBron James is probably the most interesting character on the roster to throw into the mix, but he's one of the most gimmick heavy. Throwing his basketball, it is hard to land hits with the NBA star. His attacks are very context specific. They don't knockback well, except for the L-Train, which is hard to hit as it's super easy to dodge. He's also less effective when he doesn't have the ball in his hands, which happens more often than not. 

MultiVersus Tier List - D Tier

Iron Giant MultiVersus Tier List

The Iron Giant is the punching bag of MultiVersus. Due to his size, he is easy to hit, making the percentage of the robot go incredibly high, incredibly quickly. He has some great knockback options, but the Iron Giant is way too easy to spike off stage and is way too vulnerable to damaging strikes due to his slow, humongous nature.

Overall, MultiVersus does offer some strong fighters like Batman and Bugs Bunny that will be selected many times online but beware of some of the slower, larger characters like The Iron Giant and Garnet. Basically, select the characters with as much agility and strategic options as possible.

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